Dungeon Perfect Run

Here is the Dungeon Perfect Run rewards for your information (Level 2)


So it’s save to open the other doors after the boss fights and still get/keep the dragonite.
We might need more informations about whats in the rooms and in which category “stairs” are put into (Increasing stairs = Boon/Altar? Decreasing stairs = Trap? Or both at random?)

As much as I know it’s both Boon/Altar.

According to the patch notes, that’s right. So if we’re equally likely to get boon / random altar / random stairs, it’s a 1/6 chance of getting the useful stairs.

One thing that’s still ambiguous is whether steps affect dungeons as a whole, or only the colour dungeon they were found in. Obviously if it’s the latter then it’s going to take several years to get a dungeon to level 20!

Is there anyone who got stairs on Tuesday and can confirm whether or not they are affecting the level of your Wednesday dungeon?

I got downward stairs before the daily reset. Yes, the dungeon level for today has increased by that.


That’s a relief! Thank you for sharing.

I can confirm from my testing account that descending stairs affect all future dungeons and not just that colour days


Um, stupid question, I haven’t run into stairs yet… If I want the max Dungeon level, am I supposed to go up stairs or down stairs? :joy: I would think if it’s a dungeon it would be… down…? But then again the level number goes up…

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(it’s downward :wink: )

This is just more stupid content that absolutely deserves no thought time (like horde mimic). Doing so will just promote frustration and a sense of injustice based upon what players wrongly perceive that their grind merits. New content at the expense of bug fixes YET AGAIN. More currency that no doubt will require some form of monetary investment. I just laugh at how pathetic the attempts to part you from cash have become at a time of global economic crisis. Its absolutely shameful.


I think that’s a little unfair; the release notes for this list has a lot more substantial bugfixes than previous releases, and to me that does suggest that bugfixing has been more of a focus on this cycle.

(The “over the next week” rollout of the daily deals fixes is weird though; why not cut over to the improved offers immediately?)

I haven’t read the release notes tbh so perhaps I am being overly critical and hopefully the community feedback promoted recently by @Hawx has offered positive results. But yes, the daily offer situation remains (at least for now) frustrating. I continue to be offered troops I have 100s of mythic copies of (I seldom disenchant cos I have millions of souls) and in most cases the troops are unworthy of the medal upgrades that would potentially remove them from being offered again in future. Most long term players (I think) want offers of writs or deeds in particular but they seldom appear and I fear this will continue regardless of any ‘fixes’ because these sought after resources are very much a feature of the various ‘passes’ that require cash outlay. I really can’t see that changing and therefore expect any ‘fixed’ daily offers to be only occasionally of interest. Cynicism that the game has produced will take a lot to repair.

Yeah, kind of a “you” problem there. I know release notes generally are NOT interesting … except when they are. (Once in a while you find something you never even realized you wanted.)

Some of the key improvements noted are fixing three different softlock scenarios (e.g. Ironhawk vs. Submerged targets) and more Daily Offers (Forge Scrolls and higher rarity Medals). They KNOW stupid offers (like being offered a troop you’ve already maxed out, as offers are not personalized to your collection) are a point of frustration and have mentioned this will be receiving continuing work.


Ok thanks. I’ve now read the notes and there appear to be some valuable changes made or to be made. Time will tell :wink:

I got the same amount. (level 2)

And you think the hyperbolic attempt at cash acquisition during an economic catastrophe IS FAIR?

I said my bit on that here.

That link has zero to do with what I asked.

Your question about fairness has nothing to do with the game, nothing with the topic, nothing with the devs or nothing with Maisies reply at all.

You look like somebody who wants to have everything for free immediately if you ask that kind of question in that context.

Pretty much trolling from my perspective (again!)

Well, for one, I doubt we can speak of an economic catastrophe. There is an above average inflation going on, but that would rather speak in favour of increased item pricing, than against it.
This isn’t Germany in '23, Hungary in '46 or Zimbabwe in the 2000s.

Once I see people running from their workplace to the next shop with a wheelbarrow full of money, in hopes that it will still be worth anything when they arrive, I may retreat that statement.