[Investigating] As if Dungeon wasn't infuriating enough

Playing today’s Dungeon and clicked the top left first.
Went ahead and clicked ALL the remaining boxes, because why not? Not getting dragonite today (like every other day so far on this “rework”).
Middle two doors will not “open”, no matter how many times I click them.
Do the Gorgotha Fight and find out that not only masteries set to zero (Jinx trap), ALL my team is stunned. Which means the stun trap was applied, but won’t show itself.
It also means that the other door is a boon, and since my jewel stash did not increase, and no positive effects applied to the battle, that means I got stairs, which I cannot click on since the door won’t open.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting to able to open all the doors.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Steps to make it happen again
Cannot replicate today as dungeon needs a reset.

Hey @HounganAtLarge

Let me know after reset, if you experience this again.

When they had not opened, did you exit Dungeons game mode or force close and relaunch the game and return, or did you continue straight to the battle?
Also, had you tapped to open all the doors quite quickly?

Did not happen today. Did not open dungeon again that day. I clicked each door once, not quickly or multiple times. When they failed to show, I then tried multiple clicks, but no change.

Jeto, on Tuesday I had a perfect run glitch on me. I picked 3 fights, with no boons or traps selected. After my selections were made, the game would not let me start any of the fights. Prior, to this happening, I had Mondays fights still undone close to reset. It was only a few minutes left I think. So I rushed through to get them done. One of the fights (Monday’s) kept glitching. I think something went wrong at reset, because, when I selected Tuesdays fights (3 perfect) I couldnt start any of them. I made a video clip, but Im unsure how to get it on here.

@UdonYakuza if you can’t attach it here on the forums, you can send it through in a Support ticket. Might make attaching it a little easier.

Thanks, I’ll get it posted sometime today.