[Reported] Three traps in dungeons

I don’t know any more about this - it was posted on our alliance server.

Three traps instead of three bosses.


Any chance this run was started prior to the daily reset and completed after the daily reset, all the while staying in the dungeon game without returning to the world map? Gut feeling says this might cause complications.


Clearly a bug. There is no such thing as there being three traps under any circumstance. Diamantina or at least 120 Dragnoites for compensation. This would’ve been the last nail in the coffin for me if this wasn’t a bug.


I’ll ask. Maybe I can get more information.

That may be a possibility though it shouldn’t happen.

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Definitely a bug. I’ll encourage the player to get in touch with support. Don’t think they’ll give out anything meaningful it can’t hurt to try.

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Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for the screencapture of this issue.
I’ve reported the three traps for the dungeon run to the development team.

  • If you can please provide an Invite Code of the player who had this issue, that would be very helpful!
  • If you can also find out what platform the player was on, that would be great too :slight_smile:
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I was rushing to open them right before reset, so one trap (death trap) was from Thursday and the other two from Friday. When I clicked out to world map and then back in, the death trap had reset back to unopened door (with boss behind it) and the colours of the two bosses had changed from yellow to purple.


Would be interesting to know what would have happened had you tried to play a boss without going to the world map.

So looks like it’s a reset glitch.

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Hello :slight_smile:

If you are able provide your Invite Code and tell us step by step what you did and what happened, I’d appreciate it a lot.

  • Since at the current moment, I’m not quite understanding when the Bosses changed.
  • And also, when you triggered another Trap.

Currently my understanding is this:

At the beginning:

  • You opened 1 Death Trap was from Thursday, and 2 Death Traps from Friday.
  • Then you exited briefly to the World Map and re-entered the Dungeon.
  • 1 of the 3 Death Traps had reset to an unopened Door.
  • You Opened this “Unopened Door”, and saw there was a Yellow Boss.
  • Then both Yellow Bosses changed to Purple Bosses?
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Hi, my invite code is AlbertanFireFly_CEFZ

At about 1 minute before daily reset I opened the dungeon and opened the top middle door, it was a death trap. Then I opened top right door, it was a jinx trap. Then I opened bottom right then bottom middle doors and they revealed the yellow bosses, but I did not fight them. Then I opened bottom left door (enchanted alter), then top left door (web trap).

Then I clicked back out to the world map, it did the daily reset, and I clicked back into the dungeon. The two yellow bosses were now changed to purple, and the top middle door was closed again (the death trap, which had been the first door I had opened). I opened it again and it revealed the third purple boss.


The story gets weirder and weirder :rofl:

What an odd thing to have happened

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Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for clarifying step by step. I really appreciate it!

I’ll update the report for the development team.

Also, to prevent this type of issue from occurring again in the future, I’d suggest leaving a larger period of time before & after daily reset to do your dungeons. :slight_smile:

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That won’t really help, you need to leave to the world map and return (or, in general, restart our game after daily reset). Client side, most game modes (like Dungeon) aren’t aware of daily reset, which leads to various interesting side effects if you stay within them when the day rolls over.


I always restart the game after reset. Sometimes the shops are otherwise empty, and lots of other weird things may happen.

Waiting isn’t necessary, just fully exit the game as 4.21 suggested.