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[More info needed] Invisible Enemy

Platform, device version and operating system: PC / Steam

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was playing through The Deep Hive and one of the enemies disappeared. Sadly I didn’t react quickly enough to save a recording. At first I thought the game bugged and I was going to be stuck in a battle, but I exploded some gems and noticed I did damage to the 4th slot. The last enemy was still there, just invisible. 1 skull match later and I won, and the rest of the delve level proceeded as normal

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I’ve only seen it once.

Steps to make it happen again
No idea.

While I doubt this is enough for anyone to find the bug, I figure I’d log it in case it happens to someone else. Maybe some combination of spells or status effects caused it.


Was it the final room? Blade Beetle is stealthy and in 4th position in that room. May be a new version of stealth mode.

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Haha, that’d be a scary new feature.

This was still before the boss room.


I remember this happening to me a few years ago once or twice. Did not get souls for the enemy back then. Never found out why that happened. Don’t know if this is the same thing.


@Voq weird, did this happen shortly before you posted here? If you can give me a rough time/day I’ll check your battle logs (if it wasn’t on the same day please also tell me if you’re in Europe, America or Asia so I can find it in Australian time in the logs)


Yeah, it happened a few minutes before I posted! I appreciate you looking into it.

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