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My new build -- "Team One-Shot"

Good afternoon everybody :slight_smile:

A few days ago I was absent-mindedly leveling up my gem mastery bonuses when a curious Hero Weapon unlocked for me called the Golden Cog

I have never really used the Hero in any of my teams simply as a matter of personal preference and play-style. But the second I saw the weapon I knew exactly what team I wanted to build and experiment with.

Normally for every 20 teams I dream up 19 of them end up on the cutting room floor. So I couldn’t have been happier to see this new build work right away as-expected, and far better that I could have hoped for well into my first, fourth, tenth battle and beyond.

I put a video together for everybody to check out - I am really looking forward to hearing your feedback, criticism and build alternatives.

Thanks and have a great day everyone :sunny: :smiley:


Sems cool, but why don’t you put Rowanne in? She does damage boosted by armor x2! So when Golden Cog doubles her armor, the spell effectively gets quadrupled. And even though the damage is randomly split, loading up the Cog twice is usually enough to wipe out the entire enemy team.

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That sounds like a good variant if you want to go spread v.s. one-shot - It’s not an either-or situation.

There are reasons I like this setup vs. Rowanne in certain cases, although again it’s not an either-or, its a preference/situational thing

One reason Paladin works nicely because it shares a Mana color with the Golden Cog so a single converter (Alchemist) powers up both. So you get both a Paladin cast and a Cog cast at-the-ready.

This means you end up with the ability to immediately Cog again for the “quadrupling” effect you’re discussing, or cast Paladin if you need a quick kill.

Just different approaches, each having their benifits

Thanks for the video. Keep them coming. :smile_cat: I like that you don’t use the same old expected teams all the time. Plus, your delivery is always entertaining.


My one shot looping team is Templar / Valkyrie / Mercy / Paladin.

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Thanks so much Ashasekayi :smiley: Your words of encouragement are very much appreciated.

It’s probably to my disadvantage in terms of efficiency but figuring out how to do things “my way” is how I get the most enjoyment out of games. I’m really happy that others appreciate my offerings.


Something about Mercy just didn’t work for me… I must have had a run of rough luck with her and that turned me off… I’ll have to force myself to use her again to get over that initial blah feeling lol

I’m sure I must be missing out and I should not get into the “this troop sucks” trap that I’m always needling my brother about hehe

I really liked your video. Hope you will continue with them! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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What meat is that in your avatar?




It’s the very same one my father was cutting up when he made an unexpected appearance in my “Sou’ed Out” video :wink:

One might also say it’s MY Mana type LMAO :smiley:

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Looks like bacon from a jurrasic sized pig

@Sirrian Bacon as the 7th Mana type.


I like the concept of the team and I can definitely see the potential to be a MAJOR problem for many teams.

The only stain or stink that I have is Rowanne is a bit better for this, but then, you would have to change the Alchemist to a Templar or something of that nature. TBT, this is a good team to look at.


8.5/10- Sinister of the Dark

Then it wouldn’t be “Team One-Shot” it would be “Team Lotsa AOE”

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :wink: :smiley:

And no Rowanne isn’t “better” she’s just “different” and nothing more

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True. You did say this is Team OHKO. And as such, Paladin does do the job nicely. I don’t think with your setup, I would change anything.

As for Rowanne, I should have worded that better. But hey, I can’t always be right!

I am working on AoE builds too… but I’m slow and most of what I make ends up sucking. I supposed I like “doing it the hard way” which means lots of experimentation and lots of “getting it wrong”. But that’s what I LIKE about games :smiley:

And that’s understandable! I do have 2 AoE teams and I’m going to record the first one now and post. If you like, you can catch it in about, 2ish hours!

Update: Antivirus was activatated during recording. Going to redo now

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Cool :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to it!