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Divine team comp

Hi Guys,

I am Trying to make a good Divine team i can’t find it to sync very well and matches take ages so i am here for any tips/idea’s.

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I hope u guys can help me out.

I find there are many fun Divine teams.

One of the ones I enjoy is:
Hero w Sun& Moon (+2 Magic, not Divine, just in case I attack a Crimson Bat without paying attention.)
Star Gazer

One of the weaker aspects of this team without Star Gazer was that Valor’s attack never got high enough to deal with Gorgothra. While Star Gazer hurts blue, the attack helps. I did run a version with Valkyrie in the 2nd slot, and no Star Gazer. That version can generate a lot of life, and let’s Valor use his spell often, but doesn’t get enough out of skulls.

Mercy/Paladin is also a really fun combo.

I run Templar / Valk / Mercy / Paladin.

Mercy feeds Valk, Valk feeds Templar, Templar feeds Mercy. As I loop the 3, Paladin gets filled by Mercy and Templar and gets his armor buffed by Templar. More often than not, by the time I run out of moves, the Paladin’s spell can one shot any enemy card I choose. If the AI deliberately targets your Paladin, things get real slow but other than that, it’s pretty effective.

The only real weakness is when the opponent has both Maw and Bone Dragon. Then you have to choose which one to kill with the Paladin, leaving the other to get a spell off. From there, it’s anybody’s game.

Both Teams look very interesting i wil give them a go. And Thanks for the comment’s guys i appreciate it.

divine protector/mercy
divine ishbala

divine protector/mercy
ketras the bull
divine ishbala

Holy crap that’s a huge necro.

It’s kind of amusing what people imagined a “Divine team” to be two years ago, though. How times have changed…

@Lyya haha funny how in those times they actually used valor

question can you judge some troop ideas i made??