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Need team building advice

I’ve been using Templar / Valk / Mercy / Paladin for quite some time. It’s very effective with Mercy feeding Valk, Valk feeding Templar, and Templar feeding Mercy. I let the Templar buff the Paladin until I run out of moves and then fire him off.

I’m just getting bored with it and I’m wanting to switch it up. I’m one arcane away from having Priest fully trained and I want to figure out how to work him in.

At first I thought I would work him in place of the Paladin but without Sun and Moon, I don’t have a good way to deliver high damage like Paladin. I thought about integrating him into the loop and completely denying my opponent moves but it looks like Eternal Flame would be best for that and I don’t have it either.

I’m hesitant to replace any of the other 3 because they loop so well. I’ve tried some iterations with Celestasia and/or Priestess but have yet to find anything as effective as my original line-up.

Without knowing what you have – particularly epics and legendaries – it’s hard to recommend a team.

For Priest, a team I ran for quite some time is:
Jarl Firemantle***
Priest*** + Eternal Flame
Goblin Rocket***

But I don’t know how realistic this is for you.

Edit: I see you don’t have Eternal Flame. Reading comprehension is a thing. Perhaps Hellcat in its place? But then you’re not using Priest.

This is actually my all-divine team. I guess I didn’t mention that either. I have other teams similar to that one.

i like to use sooth/valk/bat/bat, use to use sooth/mab/valk/mab, lots of people now running behemoth/behemoth/valk/mercy

Don’t have Maw, Mab, or Bat. Plus trying to keep my team synergy.

Not as much divine here but I’ve been using

Knight Coronet
Knight Coronet

All fully traited.

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I don’t think the Hero can replace the Paladin in your team. No Hero weapon is designed to loop (with the possible exception of Eternal Flame, which you lack) and no Hero weapon is designed around using armor to boost damage. If you like that mechanic, consider making a Rowanne team, which can be even more powerful/fast than a Paladin team with the right supporting troops.

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Treant (3rd trait is very helpful)

Banner of progress

You want as many traits as possible, but you can win without any, really. Only the Treant is an ultra rare, the others are only rare. This has to be the best budget/beginner loop team.

This one looks interesting. I already have all the cards and all the traits. I could drop one knight coronet and try to work in my priest to keep him alive.

I tried replacing the Templar instead of the Paladin and put in my priest with the Cog. The problem is that it doesn’t loop nearly as well and if the Paladin takes damage before I can get the Cog off I have no ability to deliver damage. However if the Cog gets filled early the Paladin becomes a super weapon.

Yeah, that’ll be the trade-off. I’m so hopelessly in love with looping that I’d go Templar in that scenario any day. YMMV.

If it fits your style better then sure. I run the 2 so if something happens to 1 I still have something to deal damage.

Yeah I wish I had the Eternal Flame. I tried closing the loop with Prismatic and while it works to a certain extent it’s horribly slow for obvious reasons. I had two matches though where things lined up and I finished the match on my FIRST turn. :slight_smile:

So I decided to change directions. Kept my divine loop team intact and changed my hero to knight. Building a new team around Sword’s Edge.