Need help with non-legendary team


Playing on xbox one.

Currently running:-


Really like the combination of Paladin and Templar. Herdmaster feels pretty useless since I don’t prioritize purple gems and he does nothing if Templar or Paladin are dead.


Really like this comp. The problem is you have to concentrate really hard vs legendary teams because you can ruin yourself so hard with a mistake. Also not sure whether to put banshee in fourth or third slot.

Goblin Shaman
Templar/Paladin (can’t remember which one gives green gems)

Haven’t leveled this team up. I think it would be pretty good. Templar/paladin just seems useless in the fourth slot because he needs goblin to be alive to be useful.

Any team suggestions? A defense team would be nice too.

I don’t have the eternal flame weapon since the event ended just as I started playing. I have skullblade and kris blade. I just choose a weapon that doesn’t mana block and never use it.

Going to swap banshee and valkyrie. I’ll also try using a blue troop instead of the hero in the 2nd team. Thanks for those suggestions.


i just prefer this order:

cause yellow is better for valkyrie first to create blue and increase domage of banshee :wink:


Nothing wrong with those teams. For the third team, move Templar (that’s the one you’re using) to the second or third slot and you’ll be fine.

What weapons are you using on your hero? Eternal Flame is fantastic for the second team if you have it.

I second moving Valkyrie to be before Banshee.


What weapon is your Hero using?

On your first team, I used to run a similar one with the Banshee instead of the Herdmaster. Banshee changes blues to reds, charges a Red-mana weapon on hero, and then Templar changes the increased number of reds to greens for the Paladin. The downside is you want the Templar charged with manly brown gems to give the Banshee room to work, but it was a decent team for early in the game.

On your second team, switch Banshee and Valkyrie; you want the Valkyrie to go first to give Banshee more blues to change. And if you don’t have a good Blue weapon for your hero, switch him/her for an awesome Blue troop if you have one; no sense letting all that mana go to waste.

Third team: Got any other Goblin troops? You should totally use them if you do, especially Boar Rider and Hobgoblin. Any marauder or Zaejin troop, though, will help with team bonuses; just make sure they use green gems or otherwise really fit in well. My own Goblin team is: Goblin/Shaman/Boar Rider/Hobgoblin. +10 health for all Zeajin, +4 attack for all marauder, and extra turns out your nose.


The consoles are still on 1.0.6, so no bonuses yet.


I really need to pay more attention to the category of the post lol. Either way, a full on Goblin team is still pretty formidable. Certainly more useful than throwing in a Templar, who really just does what the Shaman does anyway.