My Collection on Gems of War Database - Auto Updates!

Hi everyone,

I’ve just made an addition to the My Collection feature of the GoW Database that might save you some time. The site can now update your Hero data automatically whenever you visit! This provides several benefits, not the least of which is that all the edit fields become read only and you don’t have to type anything in anymore. :slight_smile:

To do this, you’ll need to link your Gems of War account with your DB account. You can get there from your Account page, or from the My Collection page, or directly via here:

To link to a Gems of War account, you’ll need to provide your invite code, as well as your current exact in-game gold and souls total. After you’ve confirmed, just head back to the My Collection page and you’ll see all your info up-to-date every time you refresh.

Please note that this feature works only for PC/Mobile users. Console users, unfortunately I don’t have the data to support you yet.

Let me know if it works for you, or not!


Level 252 Hero of Zhul’Kari <— My home kingdom is currently Khetar, though I was last seen in Zhul’kari. Shouldn’t it use the home kingdom though?

Thanks as always for your hard work :wink:

I might have messed that up. Will look!

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It works!!.. Yeah apart from home, so far everything works… I bought few glory packs, refreshed collection and arcane data was there - awesome!

Might have to try this later when I’ve stopped burning my resources…

Works perfect for me, shows i cant keep things up to date too since half my stones needed have changed. haha

Cheers Skitzzo.

Wow. This is amazing! I must imagine it’s safe to use the API on your website?

This is incredible! Great work!

:beer: That one is for you!

This is incredible!

Can you adapt this to make permalinks for people so they can share their card collections with others? I’m thinking for when people ask me to help them build teams I could look right at their cards.

Your account is not used in the process of making the necessary API calls. It’s basically like looking up someone’s info in-game (when you click someone in battle history, or on the top 100 list).


I will wait until there’s a public API before I expose information to people that might be considered private to others.

Thank You!!! LMFAO

No, no… only when a player voluntarily set it up and opts in to share with me or anybody else that’s tryting to help them team build.

You can do it. Put “>0” on “Count”, then export the CSV file and share with your friends.

EDIT: It just won’t look as nice.

I’ll consider it. To be clear, what you are asking for is a “Share With Others” permalink that people specifically opt into? That seems acceptable at first blush.

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Says I still need 838,000 souls. Super close to being finished.

You’ve outdone yourself. This is great work.

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So many times people ask me for team building help. Of course, the #1 challenge is and has always been that you can’t help somebody if you don’t know what they have. And nobody wants to type out 50+ troop names.

I have dreamed of something like this for almost a year.

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The resources part does not show my seals.

Ah, good call. WIll add.

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Does your server make the API calls? If something goes wrong, isn’t there a chance your server’s IP could be banned?