GoW DB: PS4 and Xbox Account Linking

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PS4 and Xbox Account Linking

I’ve got some exciting news for Console players! It’s finally possible to link your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One account with your Gems of War Database account, which allows for automatic updates to your account from the game, as well as resource tracking – just like PC and Console players have had available since early this year!

To link your accounts, go to your Account page, and enter your invite code as well as other information pertaining to your account (count of two traitstone values, which can be found in your Collection tab in-game). The direct links can be found here:

A single Gems of War Database account can be linked to one each of PC/Mobile, PS4, and Xbox One game account.

To view your collection, you will need to view the platform-specific page for that collection:

Additionally, all leaderboards will work for all platforms and are separated by platform; the Ascension leaderboard can be found at http://ashtender.com/gems/ps/extras/ascension for PS4, for example. All links are per-platform in the nav bar. As per the PC/Mobile pages, you will need to opt into statistics gathering on your Account page.

The old “console” platform pages (http://ashtender.com/gems/console/troops, etc.) will continue to function for the time being, but will redirect to the PS4 page. Please update your links, especially if you are playing on Xbox.

I don’t have a PS4 or Xbox to test with, so if any information is incorrect, or I’ve broken other functionality in the process, please do not hesitate to leave me feedback at ashenbloom@gmail.com, or via @Lyya on the official forums.



This is so rad. Been looking forward to this for a while. Thanks for making it a reality, @Lyya!

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@Lyya you are awesome.

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BIG thanks!


Have y’all been successful at linking? I’d love to hear if it’s working, as I can’t test it here outside of artificial scenarios.

Excellent! So when it asked for my username and password I take it I have to create a new account and not use my forum or psn one? As you can see, I’m rubbish at stuff like this.

The username/password is specific to the Gems of War Database. If you’d like to use your invite code or Xbox Live/PSN account name for your user name, feel free, but as with any other password on the Internet, you are safest using a completely unique one on the Gems of War Database site. (I don’t save passwords in cleartext but it is always best to never reuse passwords if possible.)

After you’ve set up your account, you can then link it to your Gems of War account by providing:

  • The invite code listed in your game’s Settings page;
  • The count of Minor Wind and Runic Fire traitstones in your game’s Collection page.

I don’t ask for your Steam/Xbox Live/PSN credentials at any time, and don’t have any access to your account beyond the read-only access provided by the game’s internal “look up a Hero” API.

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Thanks, I’ll do that this morning then. I’ll update you on my progress.

Worked perfectly for me. Guess the real test will be in 24 hours when Pony hunting begins.

Edit: Even updated when I hit refresh. Very nice.


Nice job. Thanks for the awesome work and time spent doing this. I need to view it on a tablet though as some text is missing /obscured on my phone.

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Missing text on tablet too. I have the same problem with my phone, however in landscape it’s OK.

Can you send me the browser version you are using please?


It’s chrome on my Motorola phone, moto g4, tablet is a Samsung tab a. All running up to date browser.

On my phone it doesn’t matter if it’s portrait or landscape, the edges are cropped.




Thank you; I’ll take a look into this tomorrow.

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Thanks, I’m probably better viewing on my tablet anyway.