What's your most used troops?

If you have linked you account to the Gems of War database you can see how many times you have used each troops for invades.

You can check here http://ashtender.com/gems/collection
If you haven’t linked you account go here to find out how http://community.gemsofwar.com/t/my-collection-on-gems-of-war-database-auto-updates/18799

my top 5 used troops are
The Dragon Soul 3018
Giant Spider 1195
Valkyrie 698
Emperor Khorvash 610
Dragonette 511

Sylvanimora will be 5th soon since I stopped using Dragonette when I got Sylvanimora. Justice and Queen Mab are getting there with 433.

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i quit using valkyrie since she was nerfed, and yet:

Valkyrie 3024 :sweat_smile:
Crimson Bat 2611
The Dragon Soul 1884
Sylvanimora 1498
Venbarak 1319

i wish she was gone off my favorite list already ,its been months im not using her, it feels like game is mocking me or the feature basically lies, its not my favorite troop. not any close :angry:

@Maxx congrats on finding DS early on, its awesome troop :grin:

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Where to check it?

Mercy and Valk are still my top two troops, despite not having used regularly them for invades in ages. I did the bulk of my soul farming before The Dragon Soul existed, though, so that makes sense. I still have 1000 uses of the Dragon Soul because he is fun to use. I have entirely too many less than 10s and zeros on this list. I’m pretty sure the data is all post guild patch, which would explain why some stuff is unused (like Sunweaver, which was a PvP staple of mine a long, long time ago, and Runesmith, which I’m 100% sure I used during his event). Others I know exactly why they are unused. I’m also 100% sure hero class data was either not tracked correctly by the game or not displayed correctly here, otherwise a couple of my classes would be pretty high.

Otherwise, my top list is stacked toward what I use to farm, just because an hour of farming is going to have a lot higher battle count than an hour of using fun teams.

I did notice I use some troops a lot that other people don’t seem to like much:
Carnex - 1534
Terraxsis - 1252
Black Beast - 783
Ragnagord - 759
Ettin - 553


How you do dis?

first you go to ashtender and register/log in
then you use link from http://community.gemsofwar.com/t/my-collection-on-gems-of-war-database-auto-updates/18799
to link your acc to ashtender and then you can find your invades count


I knew I had an obsession with Crimson Bat, just didn’t know how bad. You can see what team I use the most.

Crimson Bat-7,667


Thanks @Annaerith. I found mine.

Mercy - 18796
Gorgotha - 13860
Rowanne - 12609
Gard - 12130
Valkyrie - 10212

Though I stopped using Valkyrie since months ago, she’s still in my top 5. EK, Bat, Sooth, Mab, and Herd are next 5.


Mercy - 4676
Queen Mab - 3937
Valkyrie - 2269
Ragnagord - 2031
Rowanne - 1672

Not much surprise there.

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The Dragon Soul - 3083
Sylvanimora - 2913
Humility - 1879
Behemoth - 1298
Celestasia - 1232

Only have ten other troops over 100.

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I found DS around level 100 and it completely changed this game for me. I don’t think I would still be playing if I didn’t get it.

Sorry I should have added links before but I have now.

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I’m pretty boring:

Mercy (2,769)
Valkyrie (2,375)
Queen Mab (2,078)
Hellcat (1,453)
Alchemist (1,187)

At least my avatar makes sense I guess? :smiley:

I was a little surprised to see Sylvanimora hanging out at #6 with 1,076, though.


Man… my numbers make me sad compared to all of you…

Valkyrie (265)
Treant (244)
Green Seer (189)
Sylvasi (181)
Swamplash (180)

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Queen Mab and Khorvash are mine. I wanted to link my account to see better but alas I am not yet level 50.


You have Mab and Khorvash and you’re not yet level 50?! I smell a rat!



Archon Statue 2986
Gorgon 2057
Centaur Scout 1804
Paladin 1024
Templar 536
The Devoted One 439
Acolyte 316
Rock Spirit 160
Minogor 158
Valkyrie 153
Banshee 150
Soothsayer 122
Rock Worm 119
Snow Sprite 88
Queen Mab 87
Snow Guardian 84

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I only know the one displaying on my profile which is Moloch. I ran my Moloch team for several months. Now days most likely it would be Wulfgarok.


Make one guess about my current basic PvP team and the one before it:
Valk 1229
Mab 668
EK 667
Famine 548
Druid 440
Herdmaster 440
Soothsayer 440

If I’d continue you could even hazard a fair guess at my PvP team of two iterations ago…

Next one is 120 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Btw, I have the feeling the count is off, in that it ignores anything from before a certain date. As I can’t imagine only having done 12 invades with my very first PvP team… Though that is a long time ago so memory can be hazy.

here is mine.

Valk 2344
EK 1002
Behemoth 822
Gorgotha 816
Mist Stalker 782

interesting result.
Valk is still No.1 although I don’t use her since the dragon soul is released.
and I don’t expect that Behemoth ranked such a high rank.
and Mist Stalker … it is using when I’m 200~300 level.
But now I’m 900+

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