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GoWDB: Removing Unlinked Support for My Collection

Originally posted to http://gowdb.com:

Hello everyone,

A quick message to all my users regarding the My Collection feature. Starting September 10th, I plan to remove support for unlinked account (read/write) access to My Collection features. Starting on that date, you will be required to link your GoWDB.com account to your Gems of War account in order to retain access to this feature. I apologize for the loss of this feature to those of you who might be using this “offline” mode.

Why is she doing this?
As new features are being added to the My Collection site, it’s becoming harder and harder to maintain the dynamic read/write version of My Collection without severely complicating the site. I’ve tried my best to maintain this backward compatibility for unlinked accounts (which was the only way to use the feature before account linking became possible), but it’s finally gotten to a point where the My Collection page is threatening to collapse under its complexity and I have to make a tough call here.

What’s in it for me?
Linking your account is easy, and can be done in a few minutes via the account link page here (PS) (Xbox). After that, it is no longer necessary to fill in hundreds of level/trait/count boxes, and a bunch of new features automatically light up.

What’s in the works?
I am planning to add new data to the site to track ingot and pet food counts, as well as to show exactly what’s needed to upgrade your pets and weapons as well as the troops and classes that are already present. I’ve recently added columns to the collection table for pets and weapons, but they’re not yet in the checklist. Going forward, new resources will be easier to add, especially come the large changes 4.0 will bring.

As always, please contact me at @Lyya on the forums or via ashenbloom@gmail.com with feedback.



The update sounds great, never understood, why not linking the account to gowdb.

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Thanks so much for being so awesome and give us always a cool site to check our progression.


People think Lyya would discover their dirty secrets. Useless caution, she already knows everything of everyone…
She knows!!! :scream:


have you considered adding leader-boards for Weapon levels and Pet levels? this would be amazing!

Yes, it’s currently under consideration.


Knowledge = Power, Empowered = More power, therefore Lyra is clearly trying to gather more power than she already has to take over the world. Or gow at least.

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Yes, it’s all part of my grand scheme to count all the minor fire traitstones in the world!

…ah, ah, ah.


At least as a vampire, you have all the time in the world. :grin: