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Has anybody else been have trouble with gowdb today?

I have been trying to access my collection on gowdb since last night and it keeps telling me it’s having trouble collecting the hero data. Has anyone lose been having trouble with the site, too or is it something on my end?

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Getting a “500 server error” also.

Hey thanks for replying. So at the very least it looks like it might not be me. If I manage to get back on it I’ll post it here.

It seems to not be pulling game data properly. For example, it says I have 295 of 318 weapons, when in fact I have all 318. @Lyya, could you look at this when you have a chance?


Yep, server is down today. I’m looking into it.



Thanks for all that you do @Lyya

Thank you @Lyya. Don’t know if it’s relevant but I started having problems on Wednesday night NY time. In any case thanks for looking into this

@Lyya as of this afternoon I still can’t see my troop collection on gowdb. It actually unlinked me and when I try to link my account again it’s saying ‘an error occurred retrieving hero data’. Is this something wrong with my end or is the server still down? Thanks for any help.

Sorry everyone. I’ve got it back up and running again now I think. Please let me know if you are still having trouble.


I’m having the same issue that Denthegod mentioned. Can’t re-link my account. Getting the following error: “An error occurred retrieving Hero data.”

Same. Won’t update my collection data still

I’m unable to access my data too.

I also sent a PM to Lyya (as Moderator) in this forum a few weeks ago and didn’t get a response.

So, I am more worried about Lyya rather than the website and hope she is well. We don’t know especially with this Covid-19 thing.

Thanks for the concern – I’m okay, just been pretty inactive here. GoWDB requires periodic updates whenever a client patch comes out. It’s almost turnkey but there’s no way for me to entirely automate it, and therefore if I am not paying attention after a patch comes out, I miss it, and the site breaks. Sorry about that!


New 5.2 update from game killed the My Collection section again. :slight_smile: