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GOW DB 500 Server Error

Has anyone encountered an issue with gowdb.com?

When i try to open “my collection” pasge it shows me 500 Server Error:
The request was unsuccessful due to an unexpected condition encountered by the server.
Try again.

@Lyya maybe you could somehow help me? One thing i changed last time, were adding/removing columns from view presented by my_collection.
Might they be stored in website cookies and deleting them should fix the issue ?

Same here, when entering my collection. But i tried looking up something lately and the loading times in the site are really long. It is not working well for some time now.

Any updates? I still can’t log into the page. Keeps saying 500 server error

I tried the site now, loading times seems ok, but when trying for my collection i still get server error 500.

I’m not getting any more erros today.
Whatever it what, thx for fixing it @Lyya.