Gowdb is down? (false alarm, its up now)

@Lyya is GowDB down? When I try to get my collection to show up I get:


BTW… if there is anything I can do to help pay for GoWDB please let me know if there is a way to donate to help maintain it. Honestly, I think I would have quit this game a long time ago if you had never created that website.

annndddddd… nevermind… I just did one last refresh before hitting create topic and it returned successful. But, I am still posting this as an offer to donate to the cause and to show appreciation for all the work you do that makes this game so much more enjoyable. Thank you @Lyya and please let me know if I can donate for website maintenance.


I would like to second the notion that Lyya’s efforts are one of the reasons l continue to play and enjoy the game—the tools are invaluable and very well done!

Ah, I’m on a shared host with other web sites/services and sometimes that impacts stability of my site. If it acts up now and then, I think that’s expected (my provider is pretty responsive to reports) but if my site is going down more frequently than usual, please let me know. I don’t really keep my finger on the pulse so reports are always helpful.

Thanks, and glad it’s still of use to y’all :3