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GOW DB 500 Server Error - 2021 Feb

Hi, I get 500 server error, when going to my collection page on [http://gowdb.com/].

I have sent an email to @Lyya (ashenbloom@gmail.com), but i suppose as with every publicly available email, it get’s flooded with spam, and that’s why I did not get any response. I do not know where to report it, hence posting it here.

Do you know whom to contact?

There’s an official thread at https://community.gemsofwar.com/t/gems-of-war-database-updated-troops-list-and-much-more/

Lyya’s been MIA for a while now, though.

great, i’ll try there. thanks!

Just for your future reference - gowdb is not maintained by Gems of War. It’s a personal side project of @Lyya’s. @sls gave you the correct information on how to notify her.

Sorry everyone, it’s been fixed.


Thanks a lot! You’re doing great job!