GoWDB: My Collection now has Pet and Weapon counts

Hi everyone,

The GoWDB My Collection feature has been updated today to add Pet and Weapon counts (and some of the associated metadata). This might make it easier for collectors to track what they’re missing, and answer the question, “Which pets/weapons am I missing to upgrade my kingdoms?” The “Kind” dropdown now has options “Pets” and “Weapons”.

Here is an example of Pets:


And another for Weapons:


I plan to add the ingot and pet food costs later as I rationalize the “Resources” column for the new types. Please let me know if anything is missing or seems broken as a result!



a big thank you for your great work from me Lyya

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Thank you soooo much for adding this @Lyya!

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This is excellent, thank you!

Although it’s mildly terrifying to see all my non-upgraded weapons in a stark list like that.

That said, yes please we would like a similarly horrifying list of how many ingots we’ll need to upgrade them all… :yum:

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As The Cars would say -“Just What I Needed!”

Great job! Thank you much.

@Lyya, I am getting Server 500 error in the my collection tab for xbox. The other screens seem to be working. Refreshed over the last 10min with no change.

Great job!
And now Weapon Upgrades and Ascended Pets leaderboards? :smiley:


ok, it came back.

Repeated 500’s usually indicate that profile lookup failed. I have some logging on my end to try to determine what’s up, but so far I haven’t found a consistent cause. I’ll investigate some more.

I was able to resolve it this am by logging out and starting a new session.

I’ve attempted a speculative fix for this issue. I’ll be monitoring my site to see if it’s had the intended effect.

Everyone’s current ingots needed count it officially a :poop: ton anyway. :wink:

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I’d make an account for that. :grinning:

I am gweting the 500 error again (x1). Logging out did not resolve it. Using Chrome.

edit: worked on third try, two minutes later.

Yeah, I really can’t explain it. There should be no reason for the API to return what it’s returning, but since I haven’t caught this in the act, all I know is that I’m getting unexpected data from the service and I’m rejecting it. I’ll see what else I can log to help narrow this down. I’m aware it’s frustrating and I’ll do my best to address it.


Okay, finally caught it in the act. It seems to be an issue upstream from me (on the GoW server side). I’ll see if I can find a workaround.


All right, I think it’s finally fixed. Please let me know if you run into repeated 500 errors in the future and I’ll investigate.

Thanks for the addition of pets and weapons!

I’m curious, does the data you’re pulling from track the number of times each weapon was used in an Invasion? With the new class system almost forcing me to use the Hero in all possible battles, I’d be interested in seeing which weapons have gotten the most play time.

If you have the time and the data is available, of course.

Great addition, thanks!

This would be sooo awesome! :smile: