GoWDB: My Collection now has Pet and Weapon counts

a big thank to you Lyya

Got it this morning again.

Did it fix itself on page refresh? Occasional 500 errors can occur on that page if the GoW server is flaky (and it occasionally is). Usually this goes away on a refresh or two.

I did a few and nothing. Went and did a few Delves and refreshed again and now working. Not complaining, just fyi as I had not seen it in a while. I love your site :smiley:

@Lyya, it seems some of the new pets like the recent faction pets and Snowball aren’t showing up (on Xbox). Can you take a look when you get a moment?

My apologies; pet release dates aren’t being taken into account properly. For now, I’ve updated the table manually.

Please let me know if anything is missing:

Will you maybe make a hero class xp leaderboard?


The new mythic has not been updated in table either as FYI

Yes please, what @jzg said!
i have asked @Lyya for this a couple times in the past…but i havent lost hope :smiley:


I can provide this, but if I do, note that the top of the board will be a heavy tie for first place where everyone there has the level at cap. Since there’s no way to grind ahead like with other boards, and 100 in all classes is reasonably attainable by dedicated players, expect to see plenty of folks tied for first.

Okay, added. Currently, PC/Mobile has a 7-way tie for first place, currently ordered by total class levels (but that will become a complete tie as the new class reaches 100 by the leaders).



Thanks! We might get some motivation now :laughing:

Not for PS4? :worried:
http://gowdb.com/ps/extras/leaderboards/classlevel = 404

Typo in my link. It should be:


Might be something wrong with the Xbox leader board. I only have 2 classes unlocked which is level 3 sorcerer and level 28 warlord but it’s showing me as having 5 fully level with over 1100 levels

That is what I have on PC

Yep, something is definitely wrong in my query for people with multiple platforms linked. I’ll investigate.

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Okay, should be fixed. Thanks for the report.

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i thought there would be some way to show who has the most class xp not just to lvl 100 in pervious version i had 360,000 battles on my mech class xD

@Lyya doesnt look like Faction Renown LB is updating anymore. i refreshed several times, restarted my game, refreshed, waited for a hour and refreshed again. still not updating. my past experience is a refresh takes in immediate updates.

Ah, I think the table was accidentally left read-only after my last edit. (I just changed a few things in the backend that are why there have been so many bugs lately.) Please refresh and let me know if you’re seeing the right values now.