GoWDB: My Collection now has Pet and Weapon counts

yup, now it is as expected. Thanks

On the kingdoms tab, it seems like it shouldn’t show dwelves that are at 2500 points.

Also, I wonder why the traits are over 3.0 for some people on the ascenscion leaderboard.

Very nice @Lyya. Thank you. :sunglasses:

On a different note: Is there a reason why you don’t count Treasure troops on the Troop Ascension Leaderboards but you do count Mythic Vault Gnome troops? Although Treasure troops are harder to acquire than normal troops (Gold key, Glory Key vs. Delve Keys) due to the effort required to farm “Shards” for troops, to Mythic Vault Gnome Troops (Glory Gnome, Pet Gnome, etc) are among the hardest troops to Mythic without spending several Ascension Orbs per Troop… So, I am curious about how you are counting Ascended Troops on the Leaderboards. GOWDB.com says I have 661 Owned Troops, however Gems of War Game says I have 667 / 668 Troops.

If you would say that Treasure troops are purely wasted to be Mythic’d as opposed to being Sacrificed to Delve Hoard Quality Levels, I can assure you very active players have way more Treasure troops than we have/earn Treasure Gome troops from Vault Keys.

Where are my 6 Missing Troops? Can you make them Count? :smile: Please consider adding Treasure Troops Mythics to the Troop Ascension Leaderboards. Troop Counts


Even if you Mythic Treasure Troops (and look, I have mythic’d most of them too), if you spend them all when a new faction comes out, your number of mythic troops drops, which doesn’t make any sense relative to any other Troop.

Ascending Vault Gnomes costs resources, but once they’re Mythic, they are Mythic forever.

I (still) support the current methodology which ignores Treasure Troops.