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Gems of War DB Question

Returning player here. Been a year or so, so starting over is interesting. I used the Gems of War DB a fair amount when I played on Xbox. Does anyone know if the Switch will be supported there at some point?

@Lyya? I suspect you’re best positioned to answer this question.

I’ll work on adding Switch support, yes. There are a few things I need to suss out before I can add this to my site, but I’ll get it there. Sorry for the delay.


That’s fantastic news!

What is GoW DB? If it is just a database, does it matter what platform one is on?

Not exactly. But you can link your account and always have your collection online and up to date. That’s not possible for Switch accounts at the moment.
This is the link - it’s worth anyways:

Thank you!! And no apology necessary. Your work is super appreciated!

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@Lyya I was able to link my account!! Thank you so much for turning this around so quickly!!