More Trolls please


Short and sweet. How about a Troll Kingdom? That would be cool :slight_smile:


+1 for Peer Gynt in the hall of the Mountain King


Yes, please, if it also comes with a slight reduction in their effectiveness. They’re slightly too good at the moment.


There is only the Red Troll who is missing. We surely will have him someday but else I don’t see what others trolls could be. Aside if you consider troops like Wisp as troll troops :stuck_out_tongue: .


Well, I’m sure the devs could play around with some awesome combos for new trolls :slight_smile:


They could always make a robot troll for Adana that doubles your def lol


Or a demon troll from blighted lands lol


We soon will have fire troll/lava troll or what he will be named. We are fine with trolls, soon we have 6, all playable. We need more Nyx’es.


Hopefully those will come with our next kingdom, cause arent they water related?


What will come? More Nyx’es? Not confirmed if we will ever see any new Nyx’es or any troop with equal skill type yet. However the best name for the red troll is not Lava Troll nor Fire Troll, its Sun Troll. :wink:


yes, more Nyx’es would be a lot of fun, or they could just rework nyx and make the mana generation user controllable


Well, I guess we can hope to see more of that type of troop and lol ikr he be hot :fire::sunglasses:


I also wonder if, we already have a normal Nyx in the game, but we have yet to see a troop just called: Troll. I wonder if that will come. :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully we will see all kinds of Nyxe’s.


We did get a toad lol maybe we’ll get a troll and a normal Nyx


Sun Troll be a Giant Stryx!


haha! :sweat_smile::joy: An ostrich alike giant!


Missing a fire troll


A fire troll would be especially savage for this week’s fire giant event


It seems that it will be Lava Troll: Murky Wood (PC/Mobile and Console)


“Convert one color to any” seems a new way to transform which is quite nice, like Dark Maiden and Asha.
I hope we wil get the 4 others :stuck_out_tongue: .