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Fire in the Hole!

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/fire-in-the-hole/

I love the smell of Krystara in the morning!

New Troop: Flame Troll

Unlike some of their under-bridge-dwelling cousins, these Trolls like things heated-up a little.
They often dwell on the fringes of populated areas, where they are known to pop out, cause trouble, and retreat back into the shadows.
Occasionally a group of them, known as a “stench”, will invade a human settlement, where (with perfect mimicry) they will set the inhabitants to arguing amongst themselves. Only after any ensuing carnage is over, will the the stench of trolls re-emerge to pick through the festering and burning remains of their victims.

New Troop: Fire Bomb

These minor elementals are born from molten rock. Too weak to form an actual Lava Elemental, they simply float our of the lava and explode shortly afterwards.

Please note this Event is on the XBox One, PS4, PC and Mobile versions of the game (yes that’s ALL of them!).

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10 char


Blue and Purple Flame Troll?

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Fire troll or flame troll?

That’s a real magic :smiley:
Flame troll (good point, Rickygervais) ,at least :slight_smile:

So the bombs are really great, but we need a way to spawn them in battle.

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Well in comparaison of boombot they suck imo

Exactly, but if they could be summoned then it’s a whole new story.

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Color of troll changed so it doesn’t share similiarity to Hell Cat?

Kind of funny they need 4 mana but start full mana so they don’t need mana

Yeah i know the fox can drain you :stuck_out_tongue:

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blue purple? hmm, works for me.

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@Lyya need to do some corretion it’s still showing yellow/purple) for flame troll :slight_smile:

From which kingdom are these troops (sadly we can’t see it on the card)?

I guess Broken Spire, home of Sheggra and other fiery things?

Summoned units can’t utilize empowered, so it wouldn’t be too bad.

The trait only triggers once at the start of battle.

Broken Spire

I don’t see the updated data yet. I’ll check again later tonight.

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Might want to change this for flame troll

We’re gone back and fixed that.

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Wish it wa Lava Troll…oh well