More Lapinas! More Bunnies!

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who would love to see more Lapinas “look like Tezca” added into the game. Have something where multiple are added at once, but each to a different kingdom. This would be more lore friendly with how Lapinas appear where they are needed. Where in the same week one is added to like Stormheim and another to Broken Spire where they each either help bolster the primary element or counter it in some way. Maybe have the %50 bonus change from Kingdom + Troop Type or Race to Troop Type + Troop Race to get the %50.

Just an idea I threw together and was wondering how other liked it.


id like to see more lapinas in game but i dont mind if they are all in one kingdom,

also at this point id like to leave their balancing and lore to devs :stuck_out_tongue:

@Annaerith I agree with that; I’m kinda just going off what Tezca said during Suncrest with how her people are where ever they are needed. A kingdom for them would be great just if I remember correctly theirs two areas that are clouded over on the map and with the two new kingdoms on the schedule for upcoming I’m not sure on what they would entail for troops. Hopefully, Lapinas would be in either of them. :crossed_fingers:

I would like to see greater variety and customization of characters. This is easy implement, requires only art work, no animation or code etc. More faces and more clothes to wear.