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[More info needed] Silver task bugged

Silver task 2 is bugged. I did tuesday faction to 90 ( (gaining 2 of the 3 reqs) then did 500 city of thieves twice. Neither victory was acknowledged by the silver task req. Explain


Had 3 delve chests ready to collect in factions A, B & C: collected A, reentered faction A to lock in a daily delve attempt. Same process for B and C.

When I went to check, silver task completion was 1/3.

Probably the Player’s Fault™ for not checking on the campaign tab after every chest?
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Lol yes. How else could I have 2 of 3 80 plus delve wins registered?


Did you do all rooms? I just did Tinkertown 450 and skipped a room and it didn’t count the delve. :grimacing:

No. The task specifies that you exceed level 80. Why would I?
It doesn’t mention doing all rooms

I fear when it says complete a delve, it means all rooms, otherwise mine would have counted.

Or it could be bugged, maybe more people will share their experiences. I can test it later if I get to 90 in delves with enough sigils to do 2 more.

I think you’re probably right which means the task description is misleading

Well that just compounds the confusion

Hmm, I did 3-room Hall of Guardians at level 500 and it counted towards the task completion.


I went straight for boss in all 5 attempts (2 out of first 3 not counted, 4th and 5th counted).

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Then it’s a bug

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Guess it is bugged then - not that good of a bug for the players… especially battlepass customers…


I did 1 run at crypt 500 and went straight to the boss. It counted.

Last week i forgot to unlock the delve task before completing the faction event. Ended up doing 3 consecutive runs at crypt while skipping all rooms. All 3 counted.

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Well for whatever reason I am stalled on this task and it’s inobvious criteria.

You mean subsequent delve attempts have stopped working?
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I’ve already wasted 2 attempts on easier factions with the objective of completing the task. Is there any point wasting a 3rd to achieve the same outcome?

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Maybe thanks to your report there will be enough cases coming forward to draw a pattern.
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I had no issues. Did tinker town at lv 170-190, straightest route, and each counted.


Did you remember to open the chests? Sometimes I forget. Delve isn’t complete until you do.

I only have silver left