[Reported] Campaign tasks glitch

Playing on PS4. As I was doing the campaign I realized that tasks were not popping up as they should, I wasn’t getting the stars for them, but they were counted as completed. It’s week eight and the game says I have all 128 tasks finished, all 16 gold completed, 32 silvers completed, and 80 bronze done as well. This should be 240+320+240=800, but in total I only have 744 stars. I noticed I didn’t even get any gold campaign tasks to do this week, they were just automatically completed and I got no stars. Never happened before, but also my first time going for level 10 artifact.

Contact support (if you haven’t done so already):



Hey @BuraSniper,

Thanks for posting this! I’ve added this to my report to send to the Dev Team and I’ve checked with the Support Team has received your ticket. They will look into this and respond soon. :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

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Thank you so much!