[Investigating] Campaign Task Bug


I completed the campaign tasks for week one. After the daily rollover all of my campaign tasks were reactivated allowing me to complete them again. I now have 200 stars, a level 2 artifact and my campaign home screen says I have completed 2 chapters.

*How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

  • this seems to be a once off but will not know until the weekly update

Steps to make it happen again

  • I do not know what I did to cause this to happen.

I have just experienced this too.
Completed a few tasks yesterday, loaded up today had the following screen.

Force quit, reloaded and in back at the start, have done one of the tasks again but stars already accrued are showing still

Hey. I also encountered this bug. Having campaign week one done, after I finished a delve in Duergaroth campaign pop-ed up like Hannahh posted. After game restarting campign was reset and now I work on finishing week 1 again…but also receieve awards for 100-200 stars.