[NOT A BUG] Silver Adventurer Campaign task

Platform, device version and operating system:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting campaign tasks to require the same effort each time they show up again. This isn’t true for the silver Adventurer tasks, sometimes it requires two Adventure Board clears, sometimes it requires three Adventure Board clears.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Ever since campaigns started. So far the 3 day variant has shown up twice, in between multiple occurrences of the 2 day variant.

Steps to make it happen again
Generate silver campaign tasks. Barring someone messing around with game configurations the most likely cause is that there are two silver Adventurer tasks, a 2 day variant supposed to be in the silver task pool and a 3 day variant originally intended as gold task and somehow incorrectly included in the silver task pool.

I haven’t gone looking.
Have both 3-day variants appeared later in the campaigns, and the 2-day variants earlier?
If that’s true, then they could use {week} variable somewhere in the code, like how many troops of a certain colour for Gold tasks.

If not, then as you say it’s just 2 different tasks in the same pool. Not everything in a single pool is of the same difficulty anyway, e.g. “Open 2 Event chests” vs “Win 4 Battles using a Dervish team”. Plenty of bigger things to get upset about.

Not all tasks are created equal. There is still some variance in tasks of the same colour. This is not a bug.

The silver Adventurer task is the only one that isn’t created equal, none of the other tasks have any variance in them. Is there any way to at least get this forwarded to the devs? I guess this isn’t considered a critical issue, I’d still prefer it to get passed along instead of just waved off with an incorrect comment.


The silver delve tasks have variance. Not varied in number, but in level.

That’s not a quantity variance, they don’t require a random number of clears.

It’s not or… we haven’t encountered it, yet?
Guess, we will see in future.

I basically said that exact thing. It doesn’t vary in quantity but there is variance in level. You said there is nothing else with variance. That is not true. If a variance in level is fine, why is a variance in quantity off limits?

I should state here that I have no love for multi day tasks, at all. I just can’t buy into the idea that it’s the only thing with a variance when it is not.

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This bug report is about the quantity variance. I’m sure there are many other flavors of variance one could possibly think up, like the number of vowels used in task descriptions. I’m having some hopes it should be obvious that when I say no other task is showing the very variance this bug report was opened for I’m not actually talking about other arbitrary variances one might come up with.

The variance in level serves a purpose, it is tied to campaign progress and cranks up the difficulty level each week. A variance in quantity that only shows up every couple of months for a single task doesn’t serve a purpose. It’s not about being off limits, it’s about being such an extraordinary outlier that it’s excessively unlikely to be intentional. The situation would be different if other tasks, or at the very least the bronze Adventurer task, showed a similar behavior.

It is obvious from your replies that you know it is an intentional mechanic and not a bug. You just think it’s dumb. I actually do not disagree with that. It is dumb. All of the time gated tasks are dumb imho. The randomness is like bonus dumb. We agree.

My initial reply was a good faith reply to someone who I assumed actually thought it was a bug and not someone trying to call out sketchy design as a bug. I’m not saying you are wrong to do that. It’s not like we have a “this is just silly!” Category. Even if we did, it wouldn’t get the the appropriate attention. I get it. I do.

Please try to get that some of us read and reply here (especially to things marked bug) with a desire to help fellow players understand the game… even the dumb stuff.

It should be obvious from my replies that I consider the level variance an intentional mechanic and the the quantity variance a bug, there’s little reason to believe otherwise. I’m somewhat surprised you managed to reach such a strikingly different conclusion, especially in regards to my knowledge level.

Please also try to get that some of us here understand the game and the design behind so well they aren’t just able to point out the dumb stuff, they also regularly point out the broken stuff. This also involves a desire to help fellow players, by getting the broken stuff fixed, so unless you are able to provide additional technical insights regarding this reported issue your efforts might rather be seen as derailing instead of contributing.

Edit: You might not be familiar with the terms used. A “purpose” is a reason for some specific behavior to be around. It takes time and effort to design and build something, anything that doesn’t serve a purpose is unlikely to be intentional, aka bug. The usual way to resolve this is to either name the purpose or to remove the behavior in question, both are valid. This is really standard procedure in testing when you have little information to work with, feel free to contact me in case you are interested in learning more.

Ya… I’m truly sorry if I offended you. I was not implying that you were a newbie (gasp! The horror!). I was also not implying that you are not a fount of GoW knowledge. I was saying that I generally assume that when people post a bug report, that they genuinely believe there is a bug, (Aka something not working the way the developers intend,) and not a design flaw (something icky that was implemented on purpose and working the way the developers intend.)

Now that you have clarified that you really believe this is a bug, I will let you argue that out with the devs.