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Message A Kicked Player Directly

Now that I have had a guild for nearly 3 weeks now, I have noticed a major flaw within the guild system that many guild leaders likely face. There is no way to say anything to a person kicked from a guild. There is no way to tell a person why they were kicked. This lack of communication can cause needless conflict, rivalries, and the such due to improper communication. It is so bad in some guilds that people in the past have created “no kick” guilds. The bottom line is there needs to be at minimum a way to add a message that will be sent to a kicked player’s mail explaining the reasoning as to why they were removed. The future friend list mechanic will not be sufficient for this since most kicked players would not be added by the guild leader.


Please also include a block option if this is ever implemented. I want to be able to tell the robots that “no, I do not want to buy gold or viagra.”


Why can’t you tell them why they are kicked BEFORE kicking them…?

I don’t understand why people just kick someone… are there not warnings given? Like “hey you need to donate x more gold, if you don’t you will be kicked in x amount of time”…and then when the time is up, kick them and there you have it…they know why they were kicked.

In your announcement you can put up a Probation list…write the names that will be kicked at the end of the week if they don’t step it up…make it clear what the requirements are… plenty of work arounds for the time being until (well, IF) they add a direct chat feature
Communication is a key skill in being a good leader :slight_smile:


The two people I kicked recently were both below the weekly minimum. I tell my members to contact me if they have something going on and can’t do the minimum. Since guild chat gets filled within several hours, I can’t always tell if any of them have “messaged” me. There is no way of knowing for sure what the situation is, especially when they are several days inactive.

There is also the occasion situation in which the lowest contributor of the guild needs to be replaced in order to get in a better player. This is rare, but it does need to happen sometimes. Newer guilds like my own have to do it at a slightly higher rate for it is a rush to 30 members and then refine. Having lower contributors isn’t fair for people who continuously do above average. In this situation the player is normally inactive enough that they aren’t even aware that they are falling behind. They likely check the guild chat so little that they won’t even see the message warning them that their efforts are a bit too low. There is no current way to effectively handle all of these factors within the game itself.

As far as using the announcement thing, most kicks need to occur quicker than that as a guild is developing. Something like that could work, but it would have to waist other valuable information on the announcement for others.


Harsh Tacet, harsh but fair.

I agree, a kick + message button would help though if you’re the kickee it may not be too much consolation.

one of our warnings is to be demoted to the first level in the guild. that way you have time to find the guild leader

but private messages would be awesome… our guild leader doesnt seem to post anything here (not sure if he is even on the forums)


I can understand @Tacet in this, unless the player is on these forums, or the guild has a chat app elsewhere, an offline player will have no notice as to why they were removed from the guild. Then again, if they haven’t bothered playing a match in over two weeks, the booted player should have a fair idea why :slight_smile:

Perhaps a “You’re Fired!” thread could be made in the forums for all guilds :yum:
…please don’t take this seriously, sarcasm doesn’t come across well here I’ve found.

Solution 1

Don’t kick anyone :smile_cat:

Solution 2

Ask guild members to create a forum account, so you can message them directly.

Some people just make an account on the forum to join guilds and never use it for anything other than that. Over the last few weeks I have had 5 people contact me who’s forum account was under a day old and another 8ish that have completely or primarily only ever messaged on recruitment threads. These people likely don’t check the forum on the regular basis.


Welcome to the wonderful world of guild ownership and management, @Tacet. :slight_smile: As you’ll come to find, this is just one of the many needed (and dare I say basic) guild features that have been sorely lacking since day one.

Or maybe you won’t; if we’re all lucky, the next two guild patches will solve most of these issues before they make themselves painfully known to you like they unfortunately have for those of us that have been managing guilds for the last two years. Fingers crossed! :smiley:

(I haven’t had my coffee yet this morning so I think my grammar looks snarkier than intended; just to clarify,I meant all the above sincerely just in case it doesn’t come across that way).

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The problem is that there is only so much guild leadership can do. It’s also the responsibility of the member to communicate and read communications. I put together a private forum for our guild so that it is easy enough for them to see all announcements and requirements. They can also easily contact us to let us know they need time away or whatever. Yet, there are still people here and there that don’t use that communication.

However, I think some better tools in the future would be nice. It would be great to have private messaging in game at the very least. That would give players and guild leadership a quicker method of speaking with each other.

If you mean the announcement header in-game, it is far too small for all that type. We have the requirements, no maps/souls and guild forum url in ours. And, we barely have any space left.

Communication is key for good leaders and good members.


Yeah I mean it would be cool if the in-game mail system worked for more than just rewards. Messaging players directly sounds like a really good idea to me. With the choice to report or block of course for those trolly people.


Private message to anyone currently in your guild would cover this (you’d have to message before you kicked them, but the message would persist in their inbox) with an opt-in check box in options to receive messages from anyone. White/blacklists (friends/bans) would be a bonus, but could be a tricky add.

I only played the ps4 version. But I can tell who the member is by clicking on there recent activity in the guild.all my members are noted down when they join.also they must join my ps4 community to keep updated.not sure about any other platforms.if there any way you can communicate when they join.

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The major problem is the chat system in this game. I have left messages for members regarding inactivity and lack of gold contributions but since you cannot contact a member directly and many don’t read guild chat, many times you have to kick somone without being able to tell them why.
This chat system is a major drawback to effective guild leadership.

If someone is;

Not Contributing enough Gold/Trophies
Inactive too much
Not communicating with the Guild

Do they REALLY deserve a courtesy message saying they got kicked for being a leech?

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I can’t agree with this more.

However, guild chat is beyond unreliable on PC/Mobile. Chat lines are dropped all the time. So, it isn’t wise to rely on it as a means of communication anyway.


Console hasnt got any chat yet. The global chat looks like a nice touch