Any mechanism for better communication in the game?

Being kicked out of a guild just because a new week started and the weekly donation was reset to zero >_<

I’m an active player and make reasonable donations. Besides, the guild doesn’t belong to the leader alone. How is it acceptable if the leader checked only once a week to find out who hasn’t donated the former week and kick that player out?

Sounds like bad manners and communication at the least… but no real way to do anything about it…

Does sound like a guild you wouldn’t want to be in for long…

Suggest advertise on here and try and find a guild where the leader isn’t a complete cretin.

I’ve been lucky to work with two great guild leaders in @pell and @Serale so far…

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You’re absolutely right. Such a guild doesn’t worth staying.

Thank you very much for your suggestion(^-^)

Actually, the guild does belong to the leader alone, which is why problems like what you described happen. Personally, I think part of running the guild is understanding that just because you possess various powers doesn’t always mean its right to use those powers.

To add to what @Jainus is saying, keep checking the forums for recruitment threads, and also don’t be afraid to join random guilds or leave a guild if it doesn’t feel right.

I’m sure you will find a better guild than the one you’ve been kicked out from. About a week ago I’ve started my own guild, so this won’t happen to me. Actually it’s amazing how many guilds already do exist. Since my guild ranking was very low of coarse, it stood on 6000 and something. So there are a lot of guilds out there I guess.

Thank you for your encouragement. I’ve joined another guild shortly after that and this one seems the right one for me. I could enjoy the game at my own pace^_^

You are quite right in the sense that the guild leader is the only one who can kick members. But the guild members contribute trophies and gold to level the guild up.

Possessing various powers means the responsibility to use it wisely to create a rather fair environment for the guild members.

if you ever decide you wanna change again… crit happens is always looking!

How are you doing so far ? Are you still playing this game ? And more important, did you find the right guild now ?

I believe that when you’ve posted your topic, the chatrooms didn’t even exist - so I bet that helps too now.

At the moment I’ve put the stakes low for people who come into my guild. Then again, contribution is
important to me too, especially during the first three days I wanna see at least 100 gold coming in for
one of the guild tasks. If it doesn’t, I remove the player…too harsh ? It’s not really much I’m asking for.

And I promote the players myself based on the gold they’re putting into the guild. When the guild is full though,
it becomes hard to switch people’s rankings.

Pretty well :slight_smile:
Yeah, I’m still playing the game and I’ve found the right guild now. Thank you for your concern.

[quote=“Tsonek, post:11, topic:3679”]
If it doesn’t, I remove the player…too harsh ? [/quote]

I don’t think so. Every guild has it’s own rules. Besides, it’s your guild.