Contact guildmaster?

Is there any way to get in touch with your guildmaster? Ours checks in once or maybe twice a month. That’s fine but we end up with quite a few inactive members that don’t get cleared out for a month or two. Being active is the only requirement. I’m rank 2 but that doesn’t give you the ability to kick inactives. Over 3 weeks is what I’m calling inactive by the way. Other than the rare question chat is dead.
Im not ragging on my guild. I just would like a way to alert the gm.

There’s no way to contact him/her directly in the game.

Ok thanks!

Good luck solving your problem or finding a new guild.

You can try going through support to have the leader removed if they are that inactive.

I don’t think I could do that since the gm does check in on a monthly basis so there is interest in his guild. I’m expecting a check in sometime soon and left a message about contact.
I won’t leave until I can at least talk to him and say thanks. It’s a good starter guild, no pressure. And the only one I’ve been in.
Thanks for the suggestion!