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Replacement guild manager needs help

I tried to look for other topics like this, but kept being offered recruitment opportunities. Not quite what I wanted. Hence the new topic.

basics: 5 month old guild, absentee GM replaced, new guild management. 27/30 members, 14 under level 100. That part is great, we all started low at some point.

now the problem: how to talk to members who don’t use Guild or Global Chat (the majority of them). We (guild officers) did research in the GoW community forums for advice on this. Found some suggestions to create a guild area (server?) on Discord so we did it. Then placed the invite code in our Guild Announcement area. No takers yet, but it’s only been a few days.

so, any ideas/pointers for contacting people who seem out of reach?

Hi there - this was exactly how I ended up as a GM too so good luck with it!. Unfortunately there is no way to contact your guildees in game apart from guild chat which is why you were advised to start a server (Discord?).

I tried same as you, to advertise/ask members to join server and got some. Now here’s the bad news. Over time the only way I have achieved good comms in the guild was eventually to kick everyone whom I couldn’t contact AND who didn’t meet reqs/use guild chat and replace them with players for whom the use of Discord was a requirement of joining. Hope this helps

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Communication is key in this game. If you are in a guild, you are expected to contribute in that manner as well. May want to post something along the lines of “You have a week to acknowledge the communication aspect of the game. If you do not want to communicate you will be removed from the guild”

Fill in time frame with whatever you see fit of course. Also make sure any new recruit understands they are expected to provide input/feedback/questions though the week. We have three forms of communication here. Game chat when it works, xbox club, and Discord. Not everyone will join all, but can’t have silent members imo if you want to succeed.

Guild policies don’t mean anything if they don’t have teeth. I think the most important requirement a guild can make is the expectation of how one participates in guild chat (never, because it is unreliable) and outside areas like Discord (mandatory). If you don’t want a guild of 29 people who are only there for rewards, it’s up to you to help groom your membership.

So I agree with some points: tell people in guild chat (your only means of communication with them right now) they have 1 week - 2 weeks to join Discord, indicate who they are, and strike up a conversation with their guildmates. If they don’t see that and respond to it, they aren’t even using guild chat. Pick 5 random ones and boot them out, then recruit new people with the open requirement “you must participate in Discord”. Repeat until you have 29 members who at least lurk in your Discord.

It’s basically the same as if you had a trophy requirement. “Requirement” means the player is expected to meet it or provide a reasonable explanation of why they can’t. Some people don’t care about knowing the other people in their guild, it sounds like you don’t want those kinds of players in your guild. So if they don’t leave on their own, show them the door.

Running a guild is work. You have to constantly maintain it. If you’re going to do that work, you may as well put people you like as the beneficiaries of your work.

thank you everyone! I see that I’m not alone in this, that helps a lot. I’ve been avoiding the ‘kick & replace option’, but it’s beginning to look like the only option I/we have. And yes, I’ll place a msg in Guild Chat about the new communication requirement & give it a few weeks to see what happens.

Make a point of posting a single message in guild chat every day with the discord link and stating that in x days discord will be a requirement for membership at that time, along with whatever other reqs you want to set. Use the daily message as a countdown, reducing the number of days each day in the message so it’s clear how much time is left for people to take action.

Once the deadline is reached, start recruiting and replace people starting from the lowest producers moving up until everyone is replaced that needs to be. This buys your higher producers additional time to comply and your guild doesn’t suffer a loss of production immediately by tossing them all at once.

It’s never a fun thing to have to kick people, especially if they’ve been with the guild a while & produce. But if they can’t be a team player and communicate in some way they aren’t doing you any favors. But you run the risk of losing good players if they perceive the guild is inundated with slackers or your reqs don’t mean anything. But with several weeks of posting a countdown for compliance daily, your conscience should be clear that you did what you could to include everyone. There are plenty of guilds out there needing people so they shouldn’t have a problem finding a new home

The only real flaw with this plan is if you have some non-English speakers who don’t communicate or comply because they can’t speak or understand what’s going on & are happy just to play by themselves in the guild in ignorant bliss. That would be an unfortunate but unavoidable casualty if you are adamant about having everyone communicate.

Whatever you decide, good luck! Being a GL can be both rewarding & a pain. Hopefully you find it more the former than the latter.

Discord is certainly the medium of choice in my eyes, particularly effective now that the comms based tower of doom event is live. In the meantime however, what you could do is start a guild club within xbox, obtain your guilders GTs and send them an invite. You can message, post clips, screenshots and so forth. It is notable that many players prefer not (or avoid) to mingle with their fellow guild mates and this may be down to the unreliability of in game chat, or the toxicity of much of the content. Discord or a guild club is a far healthier medium for comms and the more that engage, the better the results for the guild as a whole. It won’t freeze, text won’t scroll up and be lost forever and any unpleasantness is purely a guild issue. Good luck with whatever you use.

great, more good ideas! Thank you. We have the guild club on Discord for now (although we’re still using guild chat also), and working on a countdown msg. Also working on requirements. Original manager set none, so we’re pretty much starting from scratch. We want to provide a place for all members to grow in the game, from beginner to more advanced GoW players. In reality this is going to be work!

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