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Why do you kick long time guild members [guild name]?

Nono I’ve been in the guild longer than you and never missed a week that I didn’t get the guilds min and I get removed without a word. Pretty shady if you ask me.

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Calling out guilds is not allowed on the forum. I changed the title accordingly.

If you have a problem with that guild mentioned, send a support ticket to the devs.

And no, it wasn’t “Dragon’s Peak”. :stuck_out_tongue:

You are in our Line chat Tony, why not ask there?

I don’t have line I broke my phone as I said in guild chat before I was kicked

I don’t generally answer to call outs but i will this time.

Why were you kicked Tony? The answer is you have not been meeting requirements over the past eight weeks. You missed 5 out of 8. Yes you were with us a very long time, one of the longest in fact. Reason why I was less firm.

You gave me no notification on here, guild chat or line as to your why you less active. Simple look I won’t be able to make it this week, I will make it up next week would have suffice. I didn’t get a word nor did any or the rest of the guild mates.

Tough choice on my part but I had to let you go. You do have a choice however to join of the other intrim guilds if you prefer if there is space available, if not. Happy guild hunting adventures.


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Trophies over past 7 weeks that I can see:

This week, only mid 100’s when kicked
Week ending 23rd Oct - 236
16th Oct - 315
9th Oct - 295
2nd Oct - 305
25th Sep - 243
18th Sep - 213

Even before considering the Seal and Gold minimums, you were regularly below the Guild’s requirements.

Saying that you never missed the requirements is not
true and infers Nono is less than fair Guild Leader, which is not the case.

Well, a warning would have been nice. Especially if it was a consistent problem. Especially since it’s a long time member. Like a “hey you haven’t been meeting the requirements, if you don’t step it up we will have to remove you” would have been helpful.

Obviously this is none of my business, but just something to consider next time you go to kick someone.

I bet it sucks to be kicked from a guild you were invested in and spent a long time in for what felt like no reason and without any type of warning.

(I’m basing my assumption of no warning on the fact OP seems genuinely confused as to why he was kicked. And perhaps he thought he was meeting the requirements, so maybe there was a communication issue)

Anyways good luck to everyone :slight_smile:

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I have made every week your numbers show I missed 3 weeks and 1 of those weeks was only 5 below. I also play til server reset so I know I have gotten all of my trophies and your numbers are wrong.
Nono you said I missed out on my numbers for 7 weeks and you are wrong too. I had said in guild chat today that I had broken my phone and its hard to play on this phone but I should still be able to get my trophies today.


I saw your post in the guild chat about having a broken phone and the old phone would overheat and not load the games quickly. Also, guild chat has been buggy today, so maybe it disappeared, I will see if it still shows up on mine and screenshot it if it does.

Sorry it disappeared on me, but I did see that post.

Similarly to OPs issue, rumour has it you also kick people who reach your guilds mins. Is this true or nah?

The person spreading said rumor is unhappy because he was kicked for talking publicly about both the guild and the guild master in Global chat. It had nothing to do with him getting his reqs.

No one gets kicked who does minimum reqs on a weekly basis.


Cool. Thanks for clearing that up :+1:


Let’s all have a cookie