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Inactive guild master

What is with the policy on inactive guild masters. Just because they log in does not make them active. Our guild master was last seen 33 days ago, has not contributed or done anything. Sorry but that in my opinion classifies as inactive. Any opinions

You can send a support ticket about it, there are (obviously) precedents for this. I forget what the actual specific time is, but after a certain period they are subject to being removed from command, so to speak.
Nevermind, found it, definitely remembered 30 days.

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If they haven’t logged in for 30 days, they can be removed. Be aware though that even if their profile shows 30+ days inactive, the devs can see if they’ve logged in at all, and won’t remove them until they pass that 30-day login threshold.

Considering they are just logging in and doing nothing else should still classify as inactive. Otherwise it’s just a control and power grab for the guild master . Logging in should not be the only defining point for being active. Our guild is suffering and we are powerless. Leave being the only other option , why when we have invested so much.


As much as it may hurt you guys to do, you need to take a stand & be just as inactive IMHO.
If the devs won’t remove your gl & all they’re doing is logging in & getting the rewards you’ve worked for - then stop. Dont do any tasks, I don’t know if you’re in gw or not which then presents an issue if you don’t do the gw battles, but just don’t contribute to the tasks.
While someone is getting something for nothing they’ll carry on doing so until they’re forced to act.
Your only other option is to find another guild & leave your gl by themselves - there are always plenty of spaces in guilds at every level of the game

This will teach you not to make Donald Trump your GuildMaster! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Lol he may as well be. The Devs need to look at the whole guild master and the amount of control they have . I feel they can ruin a good guild with lack of interest. I just cannot sit back and do nothing and wait it out. Active should mean exactly that , contributing ,Advising, kicking inactive members etc. Logging in and reaping the fruits of everyone else’s labour is just wrong.