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"Match Masters" Recruitment (Rank 1)

Hello everyone! On Match Masters we like to fill our spots as soon as they are avalible and We have recently moved away from the Waiting List system which means the best players can join us as our spots become available. That’s why we want you to leave here your info if you are interested on joining us. We are currently Rank 1 on the PC/Mobile ladder. Level 703 and our masteries are all +105. Joining our Facebook group IS A MOST. Our rules are pretty basic:

  1. We have a 100k gold and 50 trophies per week min requirement. (This is a min for special situations, we usually expect more from our members.)
  2. DO NOT donate to ANY OF THE LEADERSHIP tasks. We usually only donate to Gems and Keys, when theres neither of those available, you can donate to Sorcery.
  3. No drama.

We have recently moved away from the Waiting List system

Edit 7: Updated information 03/08/2016


Match Masters member checking in.

One day, when you’ll least expect it, the Black Pearl will sail into your harbour and all those trophies will be ours. Harrr!


HeroName: ElbertBear, Level 485. wish i have the honor to join you guys.

I’m looking for a good guild and can easily meet the minimums. Invite code is y0nderboy (the second character in the name is a zero).


Hi there !

We are 2 ( a couple ) from France, 27 and 30years old. We are looking for guild, we donate 40k to 70k /week to the older only on map,gems,keys. We are active player ! level 53 and level 78,

do a sign if you got 2 slots open :slight_smile:

Thanks, bye bye :smile:

Dafuq brah! I’ll put much effort on defenses to wipe out your raid. ^-^

You’re on. Keep a watchfull eye on the sea!

Literally Match Masters 99% of the time


Haha! Our waiting list has never go that big tho.

Give it time :stuck_out_tongue:

Give us bigger guilds :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahahahaha vanishes :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a longtime player and can easily donate 40k a week, I’m in need of a strong active leader to help me build the guild from scratch, I know it will be a challenge but that’s the fun part to me, please let me know if your interested.

Oh no, you’re not getting our @Serale! :smile:

Rank 81 and am currently in a Rank 11 guild but if you guys want me in your guild, i would leave my guild in a heartbeat. I am very active and can meet your requirements that is needed.

In the meantime check out this awesome guild! --------> “Rainmaker” <-------

They have two spots right now.

Hey guys I’m back from my month and a half long trip, in case you get free space again I would love to join once more! I’m sorry I had to leave abruptly a month ago.

I won’t give you priority over other people since you left without even being on the guild more than a week (After having a special treatment for low lvl.) In fact you probably have less chance. Sorry.

Oh I wasn’t asking for special priority, was just saying I’m back and would like to come back if space frees up.
I thought I had explained the reason I left was due to family emergency, had to travel without internet access for 6 weeks and only knew that I had to go a day before the trip, thats why I had to leave so abruptly. A bit of a shame it was perceived the wrong way however. Besides apologizing there’s nothing much I can do. Regardless, thank you guys for having me.