Match Masters level 400!

Today as we hit 20k trophies over the second rank guild “Vn4ever” we also hit our 400 guild level!!

This is of course due to the hard work and dedication of our current members and others that are no longer part of the guild for different reasons but they did a lot for it too. Only 2 months and 10 days since our level 300 achievement, “Match Masters” LVL 300! I think it’s a pretty good record…

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lets make a guild only to break their record… all interested parties post here :smiley:

on a serious note, wp guyz and gl :slight_smile:



Congrats to you all!


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You are very welcome for the help I provided.

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Congrats! I’m curious, what do your bonus look like?

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All around +77 for the guild, plus what we all have individually, depending on our levels of course. I’m currently level 279, and all my mana skills are around 45/46.

Yeah most of them are on 77 and like two on 78… Right now the cost of each is 80 Tokens.

It definitely is a fun and exciting guild to be in right now, everyone is coordinating well, lower players are being helped by the higher players whom have their kingdoms and troops already maxed out.

As for bonuses, we are at 77/78ish, but we also have a lot of players that have their personal bonus levels high as well, although I am only at level 72 with my bonuses currently, but it does give me plenty of nice gem drops. My hero is only level 431, but it may also help that all my troops and kingdoms are leveled up to the max as well.

Like I said, there is a lot of hard team work going on from every player to get us where we are today. It also helps that Serale is a good communicative lead that constantly keeps our goals revised with the guild’s evolving needs.

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