Match Masters Level 500!


Us, from Match Masters, would like to start the “Mythic Guild” club ANY guild who achieves the level 500 is very much welcome to join us! <3!
So happy that all our members are so dedicated to the guild since we hit level 400 just about a month and a half ago (Nov 12th) —> Match Masters Level 400!

Perhabs Devs-chan could add a sweet little and very desirable spot #31?
@Sirrian @Nimhain @Andrew

Interested in joining Match Masters? Check out our Recruitment post.

Discussion about pay-to-win frustrations
First Mythic Guild (Level 500)

:clap: nice one


Level 500 guilds should have 50 member slots, because balance… :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool idea, that’ll help the gap between higher and lower level players :smiley:


Yes, yes it would. :wink:



It should reduce to 20 cause you guys are so pro, you can do with 20 what it takes others with 30+ to do :stuck_out_tongue:

That way you would have to work it to keep ahead :wink:



The way you say it may decieve people into thinking we dont hard work for those trophies. 3500 weekly while the other top 2 guilds do about the same. ;p


Yeah, it’s such hard work playing this game I love so much… a real bind…


Hahaha… Well its hard for them, clearly, otherwise other guilds wouldnt be dropping ranks so often. (Looking to the awful people of In Virtue)