Guild "Match Masters" Level 600 and 200k Trophies!

So happy to announce that today with just a little of delay as we hit Level 600 for our guild (Which I’m pretty sure we are the first to do so) We also are barely off to break the 200.000 Trophies mark! An awesome day for all the members of the guild, it’s just really nice to see how our members are so commited to the grow of the guild and I want to take the time to make them know how greatful I’m to them.

Interested in joining Match Masters? Check out our Recruitment post.
*We have now moved away from the Waiting List system.


woohoo for level 600!

Nearly +100 all masteries too. That will likely happen by 1.0.9.

I just now upgraded that first one that needs 100+ tokens. I was kind of hopping it just capped at needing 99 tokens.

nice lol we are the Best Guild on Ps4 with 37k Trophys and only Level 106 but Pc Version is much older :smiley:

37k it’s pretty decent, the game on your plataform it’s been around only for about 3 months! On PC it’s been a year and 3 months already! You guys are on the right way. :slight_smile:

yeah i know we are by far the best 2th 25k ~

How modest good Sir! Hahaha! Well everyone loves some cockyness, and I’m none to say it, I love everyone knowing we are number 1!!! At least for now, no idea what future could bring upon us!


Bring it on you dragon-skelly-shotter-gobs !