"Match Masters" LVL 300!

!!! We have finally hit level 300! Can’t confirm we are the first guild to do it but I’m pretty sure about it!
This is thanks to all the hard work of our members and other players that are no longer in the guild.

Interested in joining us? Check out this post: “Match Masters” Recruitment.

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If I may, a poem to commemorate this achievement:

What madness is this, do my eyes not deceive?
Yet I see it before me, I can hardly believe!
All alone at the top, and true to their name,
A guild quite committed to master the game.
Their hunger for trophies, the gold that they spend.
How far will they go, will their reign never end?
So kudos to you, and your level most high.
Though I might not catch up, I’ll sure as hell try. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The god of poetry.


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how long do you took for achieve level 300?

Around 9-10 months. I did not stared the guild so I cant be sure but that amount is pretty accurate.