Match Masters LVL 700! Recruiting!

Now that we have hit lvl 700, we feel more active than ever!!! And we are looking the most active players with similar mindsets to continue their journey with us!

Leave that guild where you are the only one contributing a lot and join us for the better rewards! Doing more than a THOUSAND KEYS a week and almost the SAME NUMBER ON GEMS!

Check out our recruitment post at -----------> Match Masters RECRUITMENT!!!

Or you can always private message me.

We are specially looking out for those who can make more than 180 trophies a week which is our guild avarage.

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I hope the devs raise the level cap before 1,000. xD

Yeah, about 5 months and we will be hitting that wall.

Can i Join? Im active everyday for 2-4h. Lvl 90+

Post here if yes. The inv code is Franek 2 (or Franek_2 , dunno, but im 99% sure that its Franek 2)

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Not gonna join as I’m loyal to my guild, but I was wondering what are the requirements?

I take it you want something around 180 trophies to maintain your first rank, but are there any gold requirements? Or what is the average gold spent on tasks by your members?

Hello good Sir. I don’t really understand why would you care about this if you are not even close to be willing to join us. But if still care well… Okay… We use our requirements as minimuns for special situations, that’s why we set them low, so people on vacations, lacking internet or any other eventuality can hook up to that to stay on the guild, as a GL I usually let the members use this min for two weeks.

Right now those mins are 50 trophies and 100k gold.

Now, regarding your question, we expect much more from our members than what the previous mention min is, as you might know, we have quite a pool of people wanting to join us, we can easily change anyone who can’t keep up with the group expectations or avarages. Which should be around 200 trophies and 250k gold.

The amount of trophies may seem normal for a lot of people but the amount of gold not. The reason we don’t mind giving that much amount of gold to the guild, it’s because each of us, inside the guild enviroment, have realize how much better it’s to give 250k gold for 1000 Glory Keys and 1000 Gems, than using 250k on gold keys.


Well, I just wanted to know what kind of devotion it takes to be in the top 1, and eventully if my guild dies someday, I could be willing to join provided I can meet the requirements.

Besides, I thought it would be good to ask so that actual people willing to join know what they are signing up for :wink:

If I may add, 250k gold actually seems like the easier part of the bargain to fullfill. I make something like 45 trophy a week (or should I say a day, Monday to be precise) and around 150k without playing much the rest of the week… I guess it depends a lot on what money you make from your kingdoms, i.e. how many kingdoms are at star level 3+ (since all kingdoms are at raw lvl 10 at this point of the game). But considering I’m not even VIP1, I guess paying players would have a better trophy to gold ratio…


I have applied before and will do so again. Running around 300-500 trophies a week for last few weeks and 300-400k gold a week. Currently level 462.

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Hello, my level is 443. I do match your min requirements and I’ll try to bring more value.

Nice to see you again sogdiev, you have been waiting a long time to get into the guild, good luck my friend.

I’ve on mind good Sir. Don’t think I’ve forget you, we just don’t change people that often.

Hello good Sir. Are you the “GemsOf War” guy on Facebook by any chance?