Mana not being awarded


I always feel obligated to step in on this and point out: there is no official way to round numbers.

Yes, in school, most people are taught to round upwards if the target decimal place is 5 or greater. This is adequate for most computations but it has a problem in the world of financial calculation and gambling: it has a bias for rounding up. There are 0.49999… values that round down and 0.5000…1 values that round up.

Banks and casinos do not like a biased rounding algorithm. They would instead prefer one that rounds down as frequently as it rounds up. It turns out the vast majority of software is more interested in being something like a bank or a casino than “doing what is easy to teach people”. So “Banker’s Rounding” is very common in software. In this rounding scheme, a number is always rounded to the nearest even integer. That means:

  • 0.5 rounds downwards to 0.
  • 1.5 rounds upwards to 2.

This sets things up such that over “the range of integers” there is a negligibly small bias, if any.

This is how rounding works by default in C#, the language in which GoW is implemented. You have to go out of your way to get “nearest integer” rounding, which is what you claim is “not broken”. But neither algorithm is broken. In fact, the rounding you want is less fair: it means the CPU is going to get a tiny percent more mana, too.

There are tradeoffs when choosing a rounding technique. There is never a totally right way to do it. Personally I prefer Banker’s Rounding because if you are gambling (and GoW is mostly gambling) it keeps the odds more even.


I’m never hiring you to do my taxes. :slight_smile:


Rounding works the same for deductions. And there’s a reason it’s called Banker’s rounding.


I play on steam.

There is to many instances of numbers not adding upp “rewardwise” in this game, i don´t think this is a bug.

With the responces here in this thread i rather think its purpusly put there to add to your revenoue, so please instead of asking players to provide you with evidence, prove to us players that it isn´t intentional.

You get paid for this, but you require us to do the work for you in the spare time we have to put in to the game.

Shape up, ive played games since the 90´s alot of games, and this attitude shown here is probably the worst ive comme across, especialy from FTP developers, shouldnt you attract the customers to pay rather then do your work?


You want them to prove their code has no bug? How do you expect them to do that? Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

At best they can say, “We’re looking into it,” but without concrete “repro steps” — which is what Kafka and Cyrup are requesting — narrowing down a potential bug (or explaining away an honest mistake by the bug reporter) is difficult.


After the first couple of months of 4x I constantly asked @Ozball if they had fixed this “Mana bug”. I couldn’t ever get video evidence of the actual bug though.
What I realized happening was. The animation is sometimes slower then it takes to get the Mana. Making it appear as though the match didn’t generate any Mana even though it did.
GoW constantly has bugs don’t get me wrong. But over a year since I first thought this was happening. I have yet to see any proof of it. I’m assuming people go to try and record it… are never are able to… And then realize the bug doesn’t exist. That was the case for me at least.
As someone that gets on the devs about the littlest mistakes. I suggest people on here actually get evidence of any bugs or “dev cover ups”. Your eyes will lie to you. Coding doesn’t. :grinning:


We have absolutely no problem admitting when there’s a bug in the game. We keep known issues in an article on our Help Center:

But when we have players reporting a bug that we’ve never seen ourselves and which we haven’t been able to reproduce, we need to gather more information and repro steps in order to help us find the cause of the problem.

I’m sorry if the way I’ve said things comes across as a bad attitude as that’s not my intention at all. I’m just trying to keep the thread on topic so we can better help the players experiencing this issue and gather as much information as possible to help us investigate it.


Hello, @Kafka.

I can definitely confirm this issue. It’s real! It happened several times to me, but I noticed only when playing with the Priest class. I am not sure if this issue is widespread, affecting other classes and weapons as well.
I first noticed it since 4.1 update, or one or two (minor) updates after 4.1.

The best way to reproduce it, is to have a Priest 100 with a fully upgraded Divine Team.

My setup:
Banner: (Dragon’s Claw Banner: +2 red, +1 yellow, -1 brown)
Priest - The Divine Protector (+9)

Priest Talents Tree:

  • Serendipity
  • Purification
  • Brilliant Aura
  • Dawn’s Aura
  • Healing Herb
  • Lightbringer (not sure about this one, could be Nature’s Will or Tree of Knowledge as well)
  • Divinity

I know that The Divine Protector (+9) did not always fill or grant enough green or blue mana, or ignored it.
I am not 100% sure if both happened. This bug is quite common.
Easiest to get is with my setup. I played it on x2 or x3 speed, when it happened. Not sure about x4.
Valkyrie was usually the one that granted quick instant refills of TDP(+9).
I noticed it only in PvP, not sure about Explore mode.

There are still many gaps about this issue, but the main thing stands.
It’s there, and hopefully I will be able to catch it soon.


I’ll keep an eye on this issue. I’ll try to record a few matches and hope to get lucky enough to catch it.
In any case, I appreciate and I believe that you haven’t spotted an issue, because it’s not easy to spot.
It’s most likely still there, but I haven’t played the Priest class with that setup of mine for quite some time now.

The setup I gave you in my earlier post most likely greatly increases the chances, but does not guarantee success. The Divine Protector’s (+9) mana bar is the easiest way. I’ll post a video as soon as I get it.

This issue could be related to some perks, certain gem configuration, color, Valkyrie, 4-5 gem matches, etc.


Look like it’s for real some kind of visual bug, but a “lame visual bug”.

Happened some mins ago i had thief at 7/12, took 3 greens and was still at 7/12, waited a bit and nothing changed so pressed “share” and saved the 15 mins video.

“minimized” the game and gone to ps4 gallery to watch the video and on it was showing 10/12, gone back to the game and now in game too was 10/12.

Problem is, if you dont “minimize” the game nm how long you wait, mana wont change until maybe you get more mana, in the above case wont matter much, the prob is if that happen for example if i was 9/12 and the last 3 mana wont show, you arent also able to cast unless you “minimize” the game.

Basically is impossible get a video of the “bug” seen in the video the “bug” isnt there, but well, at least now ik what to do if that happen on serious stuff, for crappy stuff like pvp or so i will just pretend nothing happened and go on.


That is exceptionally weird. I would have assumed that the video capture is capturing whatever is on screen. But you’re saying the screen showed one mana amount, while the screen capture showed another (and the correct) amount?


Yes, if i notice again (and remember :P) can doublecheck seen the ps4 is recording all the time, but defo was like that, after all saved the video as “proof” of the missing mana lol.


Please, post it.
Also, I know that my weapon did not get charged a few seconds after, so this could be a different issue related to the same problem.


I wont post a 15 mins video from ps4 when seem i cant even post a SS directly from it, also, post what? a video where everything look fine? dont make much sense imo.

The “bug” remind me when i mess with cheat engine and fallout (1, 2 or tactics) char creation, once i found the “special” number and i change it in the game still show the previous value until i click it so it “update”.

Maybe seen i kept “minimized” the game a bit when “tabbed” back it updated or smthing.

Anyway, even more now that i found a solution x it, that “bug” is the n* 34532 in priority list, gotta farm souls and get DB before next GW more than playing the little wannabe dev.


Your issue is not the same one I described, even though it looks similar.