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Mana Color Restrictions in the Arena

Ahhh gotcha. My bad, I got mixed up.

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Zero changes made from the 5.4 update.

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If my suggestion would have been implemented then I would have one Brown Mana troop as option for the Common rarity selection. Or at the very least, not duplicate Purple troops since I drafted the optimal team.

When you pick the optimal team you still have every troop with a free, unblocked color:

Ocularen Leech
Zephyros (the only troop that really matters in this draft, unless you can get lucky and Tank with the top two troops)

Sucks that brown is useless, especially given Orc’s convert, but :man_shrugging:

Most Arena battles one probably shouldn’t have enough moves made to match each color anyway.

To transform brown (and take away green) for what? Lol.

(That’s not optimal. 🤷)

You keep pointing out that I’m selecting a good arena troop. I’m aware of this. The point of my feature request isn’t how to compliment the 10-20 actually good arena troops in a better way.

The point is to change the devs design belief that feels it’s better to seemingly Mana block teams on PURPOSE (I’m 80% sure) to slow down the arena experience as a whole.

Salty says they aren’t using Bots Accounts in the arena (as far as she knows). But she also said pet gnomes could be found in the arena when they couldn’t.
So the jury is still out in that regard. Point is… If players aren’t playing the arena… perhaps not Mana blocking them on purpose would help more than using bot accounts to make sure those that to do play arena have opponents.

(Bot Accounts being the abundance of guild none players in the arena

My posts are to point out that I don’t agree mana blocking does slow down the experience. And making a mechanic that disallowed mana-blocking would potentially yield worse options down the line — I want to be able to have Armored Boar after Midge Swarm, or Orc after Fire Lizard, even if my other troops also happen to be green or red, respectively.

And orc taking away green above can get you extra turns and enough board churn to make use of your enraged condition, probably, as the clearing away of an entire color makes skulls proliferate more. And taking away green doesn’t matter, as it’s not the focus unless there’s literally NO Blue or Yellow (and in these rare cases, one just wouldn’t cast Orc anyway).

So I’m not disagreeing just to be an Eggplant; I’m disagreeing to point out how I think you might be overthinking the Arena and making it harder on yourself. Keep it simple — most effective teams will have two troops that are meat shields, and most teams shouldn’t fill each troop before you’ve won the match. If you’re filling everyone, or planning/hoping to cast everyone, you’re making it harder on yourself for sure.

Arena is about cheese strategies, not skilled teambuilding, as far as I’m concerned. The only skill in the Arena is manipulating the board to avoid dying by skulls and maintain the turn as long as possible, like Wars :man_shrugging:

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Why would they do this on purpose? and why would they want to slow down Arena play? These feel like extraordinary claims.

Surely the simpler explanation is that the three troops are selected from the pool at random; if you happen to get 3 mana blockers, well, that’s bad luck and that’s what the reroll button’s for.

I think what you really want is for the game to deliberately avoid presenting 3 mana-blocking choices. Certainly does seem possible (*), but that would be more of a deliberate design choice to help the player by shielding them from the more unfortunate RNG outcomes.

(* in most cases? unless you’ve picked bi-color troops in each of the first 3 tiers to cover all 6 colors, in which case the 4th pick must necessarily block at least 1 color.)

I don’t have much of an opinion on this topic as a whole, but there is plenty of reason to want to slow down Arena play. It’s the same reason Bounty teams are so slow. Players feel that they need to play Arena each day to stay ahead. Wasting more of their time for very little reward aside from possible gem offers helps out the company, as the player is not gaining resources, but rather spending both time and gems. It’s a net-win for the company.

In other words, rather than the player gaining resources by using their time in other modes, the player is actually losing those resources due to opportunity cost. In addition, they’re spending gems. Now the company is better able to target those players and get them to spend real $ to get these resources and gems.


My idea doesn’t eliminate that 66% chance from happening. Just guarantees that 1 of the 3 troops will not share a Mana color with what is already selected (if possible).

I do not agree with your strategy of sharing a color with any troop I’m trying to fill though. Then it becomes a Mana block in every sense of the phrase.

Taking the orc on my team would Mana block my exploder who is also my first line troop that supports my main damage dealer.

I’m sorry man, but your strategy doesn’t make any sense to me at all. 🤷

Just feels all sorts of devil’s advocatey.

If you’re not picking what I’m picking and ordering them how I’m ordering them then we’re just thinking about the approach to the Arena differently. Which is why I’m posting — genuinely trying to be helpful (and not just to you, but to anyone else reading, too), not contrarian, by providing a different perspective.

Leech doesn’t “work” for me, so I mostly ignore it. Now, it “works” better than the other choices, of course, so it still gets picked. And it goes above Siren despite the (small) mana-blocking to act as a shield to keep her safe, since she’s potentially valuable as a mana generator for Zephyros, or even Orc if someone snipes my preferred ringer. And if he’s not up front, he does have some better chance of setting up (but - again - I’d hope to have won well before that could have ever happened).

Why doesn’t it work? Two reasons:

  1. Doesn’t explode enough (plus, explosions are random and loss of board control is likely to get your face smashed in) to be useful for mana gen

  2. Not sturdy enough to be frontline, and takes too much set-up to be useful for skull-bashing

But also I’ll admit I misunderstood the Feature Request if what you’re asking isn’t: “Don’t offer me troops of colors I’ve already got on my team,” but rather, “Make sure at each rarity level I do not have two troops of the exact same mana profile.”

I could definitely get behind the latter. I don’t think it would preclude me from getting some good mono-and/or-bi-colored drafts I’ve had in my past (my typical drafts often have at least 3 troops sharing the same color), and I’ll admit it often sucks anytime the “choice” at a given rarity is a non-choice of, say, Green/Brown, Green/Brown, Green/Brown (though being offered Lasher, Settite Warrior, Wyvern never really bothers me, because there’s no bad choice there).

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I think that would be too much of an ask.
So instead. My request at the end, for the just the Common rarity selection. The ability to pick a Mana color that isn’t on my team. Or at the very least. Out of 3 unique colors.

I personally believe it does the exact opposite of what I want it to. I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that it’s rolling based on what I’m drafting. :face_with_monocle:

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I wish every draft could have Mana be so evenly distributed.

tenor (8)


Just one Brown troop away from the best drafted arena team ever. :slightly_frowning_face: #robbed

My opinion about the subject:

Well for the 90% of player base who won’t touch the arena… This thread will remain.

But yes, as made previously on this thread before. If a player is knowledgeable about the arena. All it takes is one troop to win. That’s been well established. Kudos.

Just a friendly reminder that the arena is 100% more fun when this is possible:

Than when it isn’t. But then again I’m not the one losing daily players by the truck load, so what do I know about games @devs. 🤷

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The Yin ↑

And the Yang ↓ :roll_eyes:

Mm, yeah the triple yellow offering for Commons (it’s not like there was an absence of yellow beforehand) and zero purple in any of the choices is a bit rude :angry:.


Devil’s advocate: “RNG is streaky.”
Me: "Yes, but in regart to drafting in the arena. It does NOT have to be. Code can exist to make sure such a small amount of numbers/selection won’t produce this truly lack of options for Mana color. This is the worst I’ve personally saw it. But the Rarity is irregardless. I should NECER have saw it in the first place. Gems of War is a video game. They are by nature supposed to be fun. Having options is more fun than not having options. Be better.

That’s a fantastic team though…all 6 colors represented, 1 great troop, 2 good troops, and golem can safely be in 3rd place.
You’re objectively better off than if they gave you a choice of yellow, purple and blue.

At the end of the day, all I care is for my team as a whole to have a good mix of colors. I usually do get that on the reroll at worst.