Arena Quality of Life Update?

Accidentally sent to support first but; This isn’t really an error, but a quality of life request. Can you please look into updating arena? I really can’t see anyone in their right mind spending almost the equivalent of a 50 KEY GEM CHEST ON 3 TROOPS OF THE LOWEST 3 TIERS. Maybe have 2 rarity tiers or something? Common, rare, ultra for one and epic, legendary and mythic for the other and the upper tier 3 having the cost as it currently stands. Or maybe have it get cheaper as a person wins? I just think there’s so much more fun that could be had with the arena with the draft system on higher tier cards and as it is now… its just absurd to request 400+ gems for 3 low tier troops when I can get 35 of those same tiers and higher for just a handful more gems.

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Im praying every single night since I joined two years ago that they would update the Arena quite a bit. If any changes will happen I do call it a miracle.

Its already 234 threads like yours, sadly…


Yeah and while I noticed them, skimming through trying to find one to add to that I felt wouldn’t just be lost… Seemed better to just add and hopefully get a good response from devs. Welcome to the reason I tried a support ticket first. Lol

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It costs that much because it also levels up the troops involved to 15. If yours are already at 15 it’s very much cheaper (although I’d personally still buy gem keys instead).

LOL, Have you had a look at some of the store prices in the game?

Asking ridiculous amounts for small elements of a huge game seems to be a mobile game tradition.

To list just one example: currently in the store you can, if you’re rich and stupid enough, buy a “Heronath Bundle” which includes 16 copies of the ‘Rare’ Heronath troop, plus a fistful of various yellow and green traitstones (major, minor, and runic, no arcanes) for the bargain price of… US$24.99 ! :money_mouth_face:

I think the Arena prices, even though you pay with gems, are part of that tradition.

Like the kid with the lemonade stand who’s charging $100 a cup, they’re probably thinking “We only have to sell ONE!” What’s crazy is that they’ve probably sold quite a few. :sweat_smile:

Yeah agree. The dollar pack should give at least enough ressources to make the troop mythic + fully traited it.
Surely a F2P make-dollar strategy…

About Arena, it seems a bad joke. Devs don’t have time for balance troops or game modes. They should take it.

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