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Mana Color Restrictions in the Arena

Please look at your lack of participation in arena events (such as last weekend) and consider removing the code that constricts the RNG to pulling from the same Mana Color when selecting troops in the arena. At the very least ensure that the common troop rarity has 3 unique color types to choose from. I’ve done enough arena runs to know what I’m seeing is by design. If you want more people to enjoy the arena that’s an easy fix. For some odd reason, using slow teams that are constantly Mana blocked is not fun. Maybe that’s why y’all designed the game to have 6 colors and not 4. 🤷


Does anyone actually do Arena events? I’m sure some people do but… I don’t know, it’s so beyond not worth the time that I doubt it gets played much. So much for a revamp.


The last 2 (I think there have only been 2 weekend arena events) I went to the first orb, which requires 14 total runs, or 5-5-4. I considered just stopping at the first writs (9 total runs) but am still on the treadmill for getting Zuul so any chance, even a small one, is worth those few extra minutes. Also, I’m VIP 0 so that’s the full 6 fights per run, which is equivalent to 1 extra 5-battle-run every 5 runs.

Most of the people in my guild either don’t participate or do the 3 per day.

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I swear, I tried, I gave it another chance after the recent changes (I’m referring to the new picking order), but I could still bear to complete no more than 5 runs in a whole weekend.

Low likelihood of getting decent synergies and frequent mana blocking issues are a real turnoff for me.

Suggested further improvements:

  • instead of a reroll at the end, let us refresh a couple of times the proposed troops for each stage of selection (maybe barring the first stage, where you are still picking the troop to build around), or even better, increase the number of proposed troops (e.g. 6 UR, 9 R, 12 C). This will increase likelihood to find a synergic troop and help avoid mana block issues.
  • consider activating all troop traits for everyone. This will spice things up quite a bit, ultimately helping with variety and synergies, and at the same time solve the issue of troops with a stun effect which really have little to no sense to be in arena right now.

Last weekend was probably 1st time i’ve got orb of chaos from AoV, but that probably a side effect of my Friday mood, when i wanted to do a few Arena runs in the evening. Usualy I ignore that Event as a whole…

I do play 3-4 arena runs daily to check what offers will slot machine give me and if, by any chance, there’s a copy or 3 of pets that are blocking PLs on my kingdoms… Sometimes I do few runs to check if there’s a pet gnome hiding there…(weird thing, might be purely RNG, but i’m getting more gnomes from arena than regular pvp lately)

As for this i’d suggest enabling team bonuses at lvl 1 for all teams in arena, so:

  • bonus for 4 troops sharing a color
  • bonus for 3/4 troop of same type
  • bonus for 3/4 troops of same kingdom

That could spice arena a bit, and provide some synergies (even if those would be stats based only).

I do up to the first orb, but not beyond that. Who ever decided that the rewards should stay static, but the number of runs needed to get them spiral upwards, clearly hates the players.
Most of the time I do 3 a day, so that’s 9 over the weekend right there, and that’s an extra 5 runs over three days if i feel like chasing an orb. Or 6 runs when the AI decides I’m going to lose a run.

By the time I get to the common troop it’s inevitable that it will block someone’s mana even if I get three different color options for the common troop. I almost never see three different color options for commons. I’d love to see logic to force it, but developers probably think that removes the challenge strategy.

Because of the mana block, I typically use the common troop as a meat shield in slot 1 and let it stay at full mana. I often find myself asking the question “do I want to use my turn casting my common troop spell and making it harder to generate mana for those who need it, or do I want to generate mana for my epic and/or ultra rare troop that will actually carry my team to victory?” While there are a few useful common troops, I generally find myself doing the latter.

As for why I occasionally subject myself to Arena, most of my kingdom power levels are locked behind a level 20 pet or two, and if I’m lucky I’ll get some pet offers during my 3 arena clears. I’ve accumulated a bit of a gem surplus since I’m rarely using my gems on world events these days, so it gives me something useful to spend gems on.

Previously they awarded 5 Keys and Hero Points, now 3 Keys and zero Hero Points.
50 useless trophies. :face_vomiting:

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Just in cast anyone doesn’t realise, you can re order your team before the fight begins to avoid mana blocking.

Re-arranging the team doesn’t help when all of the offered troops share the same 3-4 mana colors. I’ve frequently had runs where a troop is going to get mana blocked no matter how you arrange the team (or reset the game to select different troops with foresight).

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I realize that does happen on rare occasions I just wanted others to know of the re-arrange option. I’ve informed a few players in the past and they had no idea.


I think the point unfortunately is that they are not rare occasions. It happens to me regularly. I’d love some mechanism to reduce the chance of this happening.



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Exactly what I want changed:


@Saltypatra since y’all don’t really acknowledge feature Requests I have no way to know if you think my idea is good or not.
So just to clarify on it. I made a quick video of an example.

In my draft not a single blue Mana troop was available to me. If my request was made possible. The game would be forced to give me a blue Mana troop selection out of the three common troops.

Based on my draft selection. I believe I made the best team available to me. And that sucks because that’s only 4 Mana colors.


200 (3)

Oh you have 2 brown troops already on your team, how would you like a third? :roll_eyes:


Could of been one of the best drafts ever. But the game is programmed to Mana block as much as possible so nevermind. :roll_eyes:

I’d definitely like it so that at least one of the offerings in each Rarity came from a colour not already picked (or sometimes, offered at all), as I think was suggested in the OP.

So in AWR’s example above, at least one of the Commons would have to have Purple.


Yes the way I phrased it in the OP is “optimum team”.
In my draft I could of chose a purple troop. But it would of been a weaker team overall.

I’m aware the AI isn’t smart enough to know what an optimum team would be. I just want to force it to give me 3 unique color selections at the end. Instead of one purple choice out of 12.

Here’s the full draft in the order of Rarity: