Arena troop selection

I think it would be better if we can pick troops from a screen like this.


This would be great. Sometimes there are good team combos but because the selection order is forced, I missed it. The other day I had to reroll ten times before getting a viable team.


This would be great if this was implemented.


Hear hear!

What good is recruiting a Mana Converter that eg changes all red gems to blue, when you’ve not got a blue troop yet and the last three you recruit could all be yellow or purple… :roll_eyes:

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I think I agree.

I can imagine a developer possibly thinking that this would undermine the challenge of a typical drafting process in which you don’t know what’s coming up and have to hedge your bets, but my counters would be:

  • Other drafts typically involve more than four selections total, meaning you have more options or chances to fill in gaps or make up for a ‘wrong’ selection

  • In other draft situations, I don’t think the options/Troops typically have the consistent potential to be as narrowly focused as many GoW Troops are designed. This compounds with the above issue.

    • Rockwell gave a decent example ; others include the various Kingdom-focused troops (think – 12 selections, 34 possible Kingdoms), and Troops with conditional effects, e.g. “… if the Enemy is ______ (a Daemon, Poisoned, etc.)”. I see Setauri in the OP – Bleed, for example, is a fairly niche effect.
  • Rewards need to be commensurate with the level of challenge, and currently they aren’t. If you want to keep it a blind draft, up the rewards. If you want to keep the rewards, allow visibility of all options.

    • I’m sure metrics show that the mode is being played, but I’d argue many of those playing see it as an obligation rather than a ‘game’, and while challenge can be good in a game, less so for obligations.

    • Arena desperately needed the addition of various ‘modes’ with its rework. A simple design solution (but obviously not simple in having to carry it out) would be to have both a blind and non-blind option, with different rewards. Other modes in demand include with traits, and with different rarities.


Also there should be “1000 gold REROLL” option after the “Free Reroll”.
It’s so annoying to click “retire” + “yes” + “continue” + “games” + “arena” every time. Especially on arena vault weekends.


500 gold reroll to keep it fair, as you get two chances with the 1000, after retiring. :upside_down_face:


Great suggestion!

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I thought, after 1000 gold there will be another free reroll.

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Interesting idea, but that does give an advantage to Advanced/ Endgame players who could just keep paying for Rerolls until they get offered a good team…

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There realistically just needs to be the current baby league (reminds me a lot of Pokémon Stadium) with the lower entry fee, and then a higher reward version with a higher, possibly token-ised entry fee (say 21 a week, more with… Gems?).

In the latter, you just have to deal with the Troops you get, because you don’t want to waste your fee on say a reroll.

1,000 Gold is nothing or next-to- for anyone in the early mid-game or beyond, also (e.g. Kingdom upgrades quickly ramp up to 20-40k, and one roll of Arena isn’t really that big a dent/proportion, even if you wouldn’t go crazy with 1k rerolls).


I do it anyway though. Why not remove the annoying UI part of retiring and being tossed back to the world map?