Show the previous troops we choose in arena

Please show our previous choices when we are picking troops in arena. If I could have seen I choose a purple/yellow I would not have chosen Sacrificial Priest. This has happened 20+ times this week alone and since I’m mostly doing arena and I’m not getting much gold I can’t afford to keep wasting 800 gold when I have to retire and start again.



I second that. Before update to that “modern” look it was earlier (for a short time) visible on the left what we had chosen and it was very usefull to not pic troops with same mana colour. That was very nice feature and should be reverted quickly.


Although it’s not a game breaker because you can take a moment and force yourself to remember the troop and color selected…

Man this is a QoL fix that really should be implemented post haste! I’ve had a few myself where I just blanked out on what I had just picked.

Maybe this is I+2’s way of giving us daily brain training. It’s for our OWN GOOD!!! :ambulance:



Most of the time I can remember what I picked if I take a minute to think but sometimes I just completely blank on it and this week I’m trying to break my trophy record so I’m just picking whatever yellows do damage or generate DB mana and not really paying attention to what they are or what their second colour is.

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+1 to this. In the previous layout it was possible (especially on tablets) to see this. It’s nice to know your previous picks, sometimes something happens like “my dog vomits” while I’m mid-pick and when I come back I forget what I was doing.


I dont see why this is something we have to ask for. I dont see it as a ‘QoL’ addition. This should have been the case from the very beginning. Its really bad game design, especially given we went BACKWARDS in time from a point where we couldnt see what we were choosing to a time where we could, and now for some reason we are back where we started.



Gee maybe I should take Giant Spider here. But have I already selected any purple troops? To be honest I forget, I play so many arenas I cant remember from match to match what Ive selected.

Why was the ability to see what you have already chosen removed from the game to begin with?

Is there a logical reason @devs? Something Im missing?


Be even better if they showed a screen with 9 cards to select from and you simply chose the 3 you wanted.


I bet if we had an honest postmortem we’d get:

“I’d have loved to, but we were told the Unity update was going to ship by a certain date come Hell or high water.”

Most of the time “stupid things” happen because devs don’t have time, and they know if they push back and say they don’t have time they’ll be replaced by people who don’t complain.

I’m not saying this is a good thing, but when I’m playing a game with so many obvious “the devs had no time to polish this” areas it makes me think hard about whether I want to reward their managers with some in-app purchases.

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Over 1 year later and still I can’t see what common and rare troop I choose.

Common was Dire Wolf but I forgot the rare.