Dev Q and A Question Gathering Time!

Do you plan to increase the cap for masteries?


Will there ever be a way to craft whatever common, rare, ultra rare or epic we want whenever we want and will it ever be gindable?

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Will you ever add an option to use the old ui for free, money or gems?


Will we ever be able to use maps to craft stuff?


Will you ever add a reminder for dungeons?


will we ever be able to see our previous choices when we are picking troops in arena?


Moa event was the most fun I have had in PvP in months will you be doing it again for christmas?

I’ll shut up now


Are you going to fix (or have the ability) to turn off the new status effect animations? If you are How soon is this going to occur.


My question…

Can @Ozball has a lair?

He’s the only one there that actually played the game first. I’m sure he sees and understands things closer to a player level than anyone else. And he gives the best detailed descriptions on tricky questions.


With Shocktopus mostly ready to be released, the project to design a troop was a mostly a total success with some minor setbacks like issues of elegibility to receive rewards and such.

With that in mind, can we have more forms of participating on the creative process of future troops, or even reworking some old ones?

Nothing very complicated or long, maybe some polls to vote on stuff like:

This way we would have a glimpse of something coming to the game (before being spoiled in the game files) have some say in things like the order of some releases or others.


Are there any plans to rework the hero leveling system, hero masteries, and hero classes?

It is currently impossible to reach level 10,000 due to it taking somewhere around 100+ years with how it scales.

Hero masteries have been useless for ages, and lose all value beyond getting the tier 40 weapon for every color, which is done as low as level 240.

Hero classes are extremely unbalanced compared to each other, with a few being vastly superior to others. I made a post somewhat recently about some possible suggestions that could help to fix it based on the current system:


When is the next kingdom coming?
And when Shentang arrives?

Just for use keys or not. Thx.

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Are there any plans to include Diamonds as loot for the treasure map mini game?
It would certainly be a reason to use some of the accumulated treasure maps.


Also, any plans to remove the 50 gem hero class change cost? :wink:

Or at minimum reduce the cost based on how much time is left. 30 minutes remaining currently still costs the full 50 gems to repick, when it should only cost like 1-2 gems based on the time remaining.


and here it is, lol

Remove that thing that made level 1000 players in guilds who finish all tasks and get the guild bonus, get less gold and pvp points than players than not.

I understand they notice you are more strong so make easy to defeat enemy , so less reward.
But I don’t see the sense in a long time player for getting less gold and pvp points, normally they must be more.

Is a really handicap to try to climb in Top 100 pvp and to finish more LT.


Hi Salty.
OK, I love the new effects for the most part but they should be optional, please ask about adding in an option to turn them off.

Can the devs make the crafting diamonds black to better differentiate between the gems?

Please allow console users to go to Z from A with a single left movement and also enable the trigger buttons to fast scroll. The new menus are awful for console users.

Please ask about bringing single key opening and also can the animation be sped up and the voice added back in for epic, legendary and mythic troop finds? I like the new animation but it’s too slow.

The ring of wonder. It seems that would have brought in a lot of sales at 100%, now its been nerfed everyone thinks its crap now. Any plans to put it back to 100%? There’s no problem with people earning a lot more resources if they’re paying for it!

Can you ask about adding an icon to show you have un-pillaged dungeons available?

The home screen is a mess with the black circles. Any plans to improve the look and layout? Especially the glory icon which isn’t even around the edge of the screen.



Daily Tasks on PC when are they happening?

@Nephilim You need to put all your questions into seperate posts


They’re in separate paragraphs, is that too long to read and note down?
I’ll do separate posts if that’s required, I sometimes talk too much when a few words would suffice. Lol

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Seperate posts is just so people can like your questions if they want them asked


It’s because usually the top 10 questions (with the most likes) get asked. I made your mistake last time as well… if you want your questions considered, they have to be in seperate posts because right now, me liking your post won’t tell WHICH question I liked. And if the devs would consider the top ten liked posts, each with ten questions, they’ll have to stream for hours upon hours to answer all questions (and some of them might be bad). So 1 post = 1 question.

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