Do you like the honoring system?

Very astute on all points! I could not agree with you more! :smiley:

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Anonymity makes it feel less meaningful. Being able to see who honored you can result in closed honor loops… and if its just “because they honored me” then its, again, less meaningful.

^ THAT is not a healthy system and probably not what the devs intended. No incentives to do otherwise indeed.


Likes in the game?
Sort of like Facebook
I’d rather the devs fix what’s wrong with the game before heaping any more new stuff on us.


Going by the reward structure I believe their intention was to introduce a time sink for those players that like to exploit mechanics. For social purposes I guess the honor system would work out much better if the only reward for higher ranks would be an increased number of honor you can give it each day.


I believe the system is pointless already. They should stop you being able to honor your own guildmates, and should only be used for somebody you have actually battled to then chose to honor them or not.


No I don’t. This adds nothing to the game and does not improve it in anyway. This honor system could have been really good if it was just like and dislike for PvP only. After a PvP battle you get the option to like or dislike the battle you have just fought after a certain amount of likes the player gets some free stuff like glory, gold, keys etc. If you got free stuff for putting up a fun or interesting team people would actually try with their defence teams to get the free stuff. People get rewards for putting up good teams that’s good for them, people get to fight interesting or fun teams good for them and with PvP being fun more people would stick around which is good for the devs. It’s a win win for everyone but this way we just honor our guildmates everyday and they get a few keys and PvP remains as crap as it is now.

Another reason I hate this honor system is the amount of time wasted on this that could have been spent improving the game.

This new glory pack thing could have actually been tested and the bug fixed before release so we don’t have to pay 4400 glory more to mythic a rare troop.

Treasure Hunt rewards could have been improved.

PvP could have had a rework so we could have some damn variety.

Arena could have been fixed so we can see the previous troops we choose. I have been asking for this for well over a year.

Could have updated the events so we can have some arena events.Again something I have been asking for since the events were introduced.

Could have added a dungeon reminder

Could have done something about the difficulty of level 500 delves with a full faction team.

Could have done some troop reworks.


Basically honor is a rigged popularity contest :+1:


time and energy that could have been used to fix current bugs …

While I like that the chat has been “fixed” I don’t care much about the social aspect of the game which was basically what the new patch dealt with.

The balance adjustments were what I was looking forward to and they were underwhelming.

All of this is just my opinion though . I find myself putting less time into this game and more into other games and hobbies … which is probably good for me. So thanks for that I guess ?


i only can say and i dont like to do that but
Thanks Devs for bringing in honor and destroying our guild because all they care now is honor and nothing else, and if they dont get any they just leave!! nobody wants to do reqs anymore because of that also
so my answer on that is NO I DONT LIKE IT
you cannot even find people to recruit anymore but all you see in the global chat is people talking about
honor . twenty guilds are searching at the same time for hours or days but all they care is how to get to the top level of honor . fine for me than


It was pretty pointless, but at least potions were a well implemented idea
Emojis, portraits etc…yawn, but at least they didn’t break anything by doing it


It doesn’t look like it’s liked at all and frankly I don’t see that it’s very useful either.


Gerry I hear you👍


can you give me honor for that or should i give you some (BIG sarcasm)
thanks that i am not alone in that matter


Personally i think it was a waste of development time. Has no impact at all. Lets say i dont honor anyone nobody cares. Just a new cirlclejerk.


After a few more days I mostly want to ignore this feature, but can’t because the game rubs it in my face every tribute and after every PvP.

Some nice people have given me some honor, but I still haven’t gained a rank. Since the numbers are hidden, I can’t tell if I’m making progress, and since I still have the default starting rank it feels like I’m not.

I understand “not wanting people to game it” but since it’s a limited resource and you get rewards for it people are going to shamelessly beg for it and clog up chat with that nonsense.

I’d be more OK with it if it openly took a lot of honor to get the rewards and the dev explanation is “We think only about 50 people in the game will have the highest rank at any given time.” There are community leaders like Tacet who I think people want to honor and they should be honored.

But also, I can’t honor the non-guildmates I might want to honor because there’s not an easy way for me to view a random player’s profile as far as I know. So it can’t even work the way I think I’d like it to work.

If the intent was for players to be able to pat each other on the back, limiting us to 2/day was a bad choice. Tying it to rewards was worse. I keep repeating that.

I want to reward my closest friends. That means if I think there are 3 good people in chat, I have to tell one “I’d like to give you honor but sorry, you’re 3rd place.” I don’t think that’ll make them feel very good.

It feels like it’s a feature somebody who was not familiar with GoW heard about in another game and dictated the entire design. I don’t think whoever designed it really understands GoW players and their motivations. I think maybe for community features, the community should be asked for feedback.


BIG Sarcasm Please :grin:

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True that homes. There’s just to many bananas with this game. And not enough monkey’s lol

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What the Honour system needs at the very least is some way to look back and see who gave you Honour.

If I’m playing a lot of PvP battles, I’ll skip through the detail screens as quickly as possible to get to the next battle. I don’t want to have to stop and check if anyone’s given me Honour in the last few minutes before continuing.

I want to be able to finish all the battles I’m playing, then click on a screen that says “X, Y and Z gave you Honour for That’s Fun or High 5…” etc.


I don’t think it shows on the detail screen, you just get a summary whenever you collect tributes.


Ok, I’ve just checked and I must have mistaken the “Give honour to” whoever you were playing.

But, even so, with Tribute, I get the notification that it’s available, switch to the game on my phone, click through the Tribute screen as quickly as possible, then get back to whatever else I was doing.

It may be only a couple of seconds afterwards that I think “Hang on, someone gave me Honour” (and, even then, it doesn’t say who gave it…)