Dungeon reminder


That little green exclamation mark on the PvP button just put it on the games button when we have dungeons to do. What is the point in having it on the PvP button anyway?

Another thing you could do is make dungeons like GW and let us have 3 tokens a day and we can use them whenever we want.

As you can see I have missed a lot of green days and a few red and purple days. Today will be the first time this week that I will be doing dungeon battles this week.


The exclamation point on the PVP button indicates that you have rewards to collect from defenses your troops have been involved in while you were away. You get the same thing on the Mail button when there are rewards to collect there.

You’re not collecting anything when you have Dungeon matches to play, so it would be bad interface design to use the same little icon; if there must be a reminder it should be different than the Rewards Notification (!)

We just answered this question in the Dev Q&A stream.


Aren’t Dungeons a daily thing? is it really that difficult to figure out if you have done the dungeons on that day? That is kind of like asking for a reminder for Guild Wars.

You have almost one week to do your GW + 29 players who are going to remind you if you forget about it :wink: .


Thanks @Nimhain. I’m just about to do my dungeons for the first time since Sunday.

Still coming or have you changed your mind about adding this.