Dev Q and A Question Gathering Time!

Hi Miss SP,

Can you do me a favour and get a comprehensive answer to the Dawnbringer issue plz? Not just “we are discussing it etc”

I dont want to be rude or upset you or the Devs, but this really needs sorting ASAP plz.

This weapon on Def has broken arena and is a real issue for newer players.

Thanks buddy…

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Link please?

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We are live now. Just me to start with.

Sirrian coming later.

Soulforge: Can we please at least select which of the 8 troops we want to craft for each jewel color instead of a 1:8 chance? Adjust the jewel cost accordingly. Nobody likes randomness in soulforge.

Thanks for the stream! It was fun, glad I could finally catch one! :smiley:

Just from memory, the important stuff. I hope someone will write a better summary later, I’ll likely forget important things and it’s 3:30am in Germany now:

  1. Dawnbringer will be fixed, but they are looking for a longterm solution, if possible. Needs a bit more time.
  2. We’re stuck with particles for now. There’s hope for maybe a slight change in the next big update, which will be in February, but no guarantee. Main issue with turning the brightness down is apparently that the damage numbers are connected to the effects and would then be less visible.
  3. Status effects will get adjusted, especially disease, frozen and burn.
  4. New kingdom early or mid January.
  5. Refresh button in PVP will not move, but there will be some kind of delay that will stop accidental refreshes.
  6. No new big Soulforge weapons before Dawnbringer issues are fixed.
  7. No soulforge diamonds in treasure hunt, they’re supposed to remain that rare.
  8. More events like the Moa one next year!
  9. Dungeon reminder will get added, they just want to make sure the map is not overloaded.
  10. Tribute timer would need constant server connection, difficult to do.
  11. Devs agree the hero, the weapons and classes need rework. It’s obviously something that would need a lot of work.
  12. Promised things (like the key order in chest menu) didn’t get added because bug fixes took priority.
  13. Devs think a fully nontransparent gem board might look too ugly, but maybe things will happen.
  14. Daily tasks for console should be reworked before they come to PC.
  15. Queen Mab would likely win in a fight against Hot Dude. Maybe.
  16. Khorvash’s Manticore has a nose horn.

EDIT: Also correct me if I caught any of this wrong. I am absolutely not used to hearing English since I live in Germany and it’s much easier to read than to listen to a conversation and follow it (while also writing silly things in chat at the same time in the early morning hours…).


A real issue for players without DB, not just newer players.
I’m level 1100 and I can’t play Arena because of this OP weapon.

To give a bit more detail on what I remember from the talk about this matter:

  • A shortterm solution would be just the removal of Dawnbringer, but that would just shift the problem to the next weapon down (Runic Blade). The devs would therefore prefer a longterm solution since other weapons like Dawnbringer might exist one day.
  • One idea for a longterm solution is offering a weapon just like offering troops, but apparently that system was already tested/used before and not very popular.
  • Another is removing the hero and adding an epic troop choice.
  • The third thing named was limiting the rarity of weapons. I didn’t quite catch if that only means the weapons of the AI or the ones we can pick as well. If only mythic weapons would be banned or legendary ones as well wasn’t said, I think. Basically, there’d be a lot to decide here, but this was named as the third basic idea.

All these longterm solutions would require coding, of course, and the devs weren’t completely opposed to a shortterm fix since there’s no ETA for a longterm solution, but they would really, really prefer to do it right with a longterm thing.

…That’s what I got. I admit I didn’t listen all that well as that question was the one that interested me the least because I’m apparently odd and not going with the mainstream opinion or something.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I personally am not very bothered by Dawnbringer.

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I understood the opposite about popularity… That it was on Console so maybe Console players have something to say :wink: .

We already have a one-week Epic Arena. But there was the Hero.
But I don’t believe there is so much work to do… Maybe balance issue (like devs care about it in Arena… :stuck_out_tongue: ).

As you said, it was quite difficult to know if changes will de bone on both invade/defense sides…

With any of the 3 longterms solutions, the fast Arena grinding with DB will be gone (aside if you’re super lucky with the random weapons). So be happy with Pharos to craft DB but it will soon be too late (soon between 1 month to 1 year).

It sucked. Weapons weren’t that good back then, and it would give you a choice of 3 weapons, like the Eggsplosion weapon. You’d get a team that color blocked each other and the hero weapon wouldn’t do anything useful or use colors that weren’t already in use. I think Wrenchmaster 5000 was another weapon I ran into a lot.

A lot of the hero weapons were mono colored as well.

So just jumping in about the Dawnbringer in arena. This doesn’t mean that we won’t try implement a short term solution, only that that isn’t the only way we are looking at this as the problem extends beyond just Dawnbringer.

We need to spend time finding a better solution for weapons in Arena. As we won’t to add more mythic weapons and as we said for the Hero rework, one part of that is revisiting some old weapons.


They also plan to allow console users to scroll through to z from a but using the triggers to fast scroll wasn’t asked, or I missed it. It’s easy to do said Sirrian and they’ll add it as and when hopefully.
Thanks devs.

Absolutely. I crafted it last week and want to be able to use it in arena at least. It’s also a pita to come up against even if you have it. You’re not guaranteed to win even if you cast first.

And what about the new weapons for Soulforge that you talked about last last Q&A (similar to Alchemist’s spell)? I didn’t catch anything about these weapons during the last stream.

Just remove it from DEF in the arena then as a quick fix.

No one has an issue with players using it on offence in the Arena.


I don’t believe tribute timer is that difficult - the only information the server has to give is “What is the last time the player received a tribute” , and it has to be done each time the player is going to the world map (if it’s visible from the world map) , or the home kingdom page (if that is where it is shown) . Unless I’m just talking nonsense, that doesn’t seem like a constant connection.


Have you ever noticed the loading wheel/lag when tribute comes in? Or when you save your GW defense teams? When you check your mail? THAT is connecting to the server. Do you want those 2-3 seconds every time you go on the world map? After every single explore battle? I certainly don’t.

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I heard your full explanation on the stream last night and completely understand what you’re saying, but there is no comparison between the “Dawnbringer is ruining Arena” discussion and the old “Runic Blade is ruining Arena” discussion. The difference in both variety and impact of those particular weapons is staggering. In retrospect, the “Runic Blade is ruining Arena” discussion was a joke. Dawnbringer is serious.

A quick-fix is warranted, and removing it from defense teams is the simplest and least-impactful option. It hurts no one and benefits everyone by making the mode playable for anyone that doesn’t have DB.


I figured that’s what that wheel was. And that’s where the idea of having it on the home kingdom page comes from, I assume? Not having that ’ 2-3 second connecting to server ’ happen too often, slowing down the pace of the game, as you said.
Now that I think of it, once the information is on the player’s side, how about relying on an internal clock for the timer? The only problem will be someone on PC for example editing the clock manually. (the point is 'another way to check the time without having to connect to the server e v e r y t i m e . ’ )

Honestly I have no idea how these things work or what’s possible in Unity. Only thing I got from the stream was that the devs said that updating the timer would require connecting to the server.

I also think a tribute timer would be way more useful than the income/hour display we have in the top right corner right now. The question is what kind of price we want to pay for it. The way I see it: When I’m in the game, I know when tribute comes becaue of the loading wheel happening. When I’m not in the game, an ingame timer won’t help me and only an external alarm coming from my alarm clock/phone/countdown PC program can remind me. So while I can’t deny that an ingame timer would be really neat, I don’t see it as something I am willing to endure lag for. The new update already gave a slight lag after explore and it’s bothering me enough as it is.

Also I would rather see the devs work on more important health-related matters (particles, text readability or transparent board) or real game issues (Dawnbringer in arena, Soulforge mythic rotation, PVP refresh button overlapping with continue button) first. The fact that things like the promised switching of gold keys to the leftmost chest window button - something that seems so simple of a change - didn’t get implemented because of a bugfix taking priority shows how difficult and time-consuming coding is and I would really rather see any of the “big” things fixed so that people can play the game again without health issues and major frustration first before things like a timer and all its problems coming along with it get implemented.

Given how many issues the new UI and effects introduced, I really think that there’s a big list in front of the devs now and something that is hard to make like a timer should be low on the priority list.

As I said, I would still love the timer… but I would love to be able to play without migraine and read the text better and be less frustrated by the soulforge first.