Where is the Arena event?

Every week we either have kill something in pvp and very occasionally do maps but we never get an event where we have to kill enemies in arena for event gems. We even had kill purple enemies twice within a couple of weeks.

@Saltypatra Broken Spire event should be next week please make it happen then.


They don’t want to hear even more griping about Dawnbringer so they’d rather not encourage people who don’t play it to check out Arena.


Arena is always completely ignored…

The troops of the new kingdom and those that have been recently released have not been added to the pool of arena troops, one more time.

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Sure, a dawnbringer killing event…


I asked about this on the stream and Nimhain said it wasn’t possible and if they did do it they would do it after dealing with the Dawnbringer problem.

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“It’s not possible” is developer speak for “JFC have you seen how many other game-breaking bugs we have to fix? I wish I could tell you my deadlines. Also I wish I’d taken that position at the pig slaughterhouse, it was less traumatic.”

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